Few Reasons that Justify Why Your Freezer Ice Tastes Weird

There are possible causes that could end up your ice taste weird, you may have to do some troubleshooting to your ice maker to determine what’s going on.

It is a universal fact that water is colourless and has no taste until it is mixed with some flavour like lemon or any other fruit flavour. The taste of water depends on many factors like in which container or bottle you are storing it.

Similarly, when the same water, when filled in an ice mould or tray and inserted in a freezer to form ice, tastes different. Therefore everyone should know why does my freezer ice taste weird?

Take care of your freezer as well as water as both are used to form ice. Just check the odour and taste of the ice before you serve them in the soft drinks that arranged for your guests who are about to attend your party. 

Here are a few reasons listed below which decide the taste and smell of your ice bad. Just have a look at them:

  1. The fridge or freezer you own might have false water filtration system due to which the wastewater gets mixed with the pure water, and the result is the formation of bad ice.
  2. You might have stored the ice for a long time. Because if the ice is old or stale, then it leaves some odour and also doesn’t taste good as it absorbs the smell of the freezer inside it.
  3. You might have stored some food that was prepared a few days ago. If it got rotten or spoiled and when opened or spilt your entire freezer gets contaminated, and the same smell is absorbed by the ice cubes in your ice tray.
  4. Every freezer works on power. If the temperature in your freezer is too high or any compressor wiring fault then your freezer smells bad. Also if there is the formation of ice in the whole unit and mainly at the top then during power off it gets melted and leaks to other parts of the fridge. If this is the case, then that bad water supply may spoil all your veggies, fruits and ice in the tray to taste as weird.
  5. It is advisable to use only purified water that is sold as mineral water or the water which we get from aqua guard with a rigorous filtration process that eliminates the waste or salt water and fill the tank with fresh water. You can use this water to prepare your ice cubes.

Till now we had seen all the possible reasons that affect the taste of ice weird. Now that you came to know water is the main culprit behind the weird ice you should try for yourself by using both the tap water and fresh water in preparation of ice. For this fill one ice cube tray with tap water and another one with fresh water and see which one smells bad.

If the tap water tray smells bad, then water would be the culprit. But if both of them taste the same then water is not at fault probably ice is absorbing the bad smell from your freezer itself.

It is noted that along with water there are few technical reasons like defrost heater not functioning properly. So the freezer panel requires regular monitoring and if required need to be removed and checked.

If your ice maker has got wiring fault, then it can also cause a strong electrical smell which passes to the items stored in the freezer. Due to these reasons, that is why does ice taste weird.