What Makes a Good Portable Ice Maker

A portable ice maker is an appliance that produces ice cubes just by pouring in the water. Switching on the desired settings and within a few minutes, you have a fresh batch of ice. Nowadays, there are now a lot of people who prefer to have their own portable ice maker. Should you own one? What are the benefits when you have your own portable ice maker? What to consider when choosing a good ice maker?

Benefits of having a portable ice maker

  1. Ice maker does not use ice trays.
  2. No need to connect it to a water line, just pour the water in, turn on the power and it does its thing.
  3. Can be designed to match existing décor.
  4. User-friendly as it is simple and easy to operate.
  5. Is useful for healing of bruises, burns, scrapes, inflammation and other medical needs.
  6. Both time-and-cost effective.
  7. You can easily create ice make anytime you want and you never have to worry about running out of supply.

Features of a Good Ice Maker

There is a long list of features found in the ice maker newest models that make the process easy and enjoyable. With so many brands offering different product specifications, what makes a good ice maker. How do you sort out your choice?

A good portable ice maker has these features:

  • Insulated storage bin for the ice not to melt very quickly.
  • Its designs make it easy to use indoors or outdoors.
  • You can choose from three different sizes of cubes: small, medium or large.
  • Its fast freezing cycle takes about 6 to 15 minutes to get a brand new batch of ice.
  • Has electronic controls are easy to use and do.
  • Its indicator lights tell when it’s time to add more water or when your ice is ready to use.
  • Has an easy to read LED control panel.
  • Its price range is comparable to the best model.
  • It is easy to use and maintain and does not produce a huge mess to clean up.
  • Like many comparable models, it makes about 26 pounds of ice per day.
  • The silver exterior of the machine is modernized and will match virtually any setting.
  • Produces enough ice for any occasion and guaranteed to supply you with all the ice you need
  • Must have warranty, brands having varying warranty coverage so make sure that you read the details pertaining to the product warranty

Choosing the Best Portable Ice Maker

In your purchase, consider the following factors:

  1. The amount you can afford
  2. How much ice you need
  3. The amount of ice you want to store
  4. The sizes of ice cubes needed
  5. The kind of maintenance.

The best portable ice makers are found in most local home appliances stores or in online stores. You can search for the least expensive by comparing prices, determine the average price and even discover available discounts. Read various product reviews so you can easily weigh your options. With so many brands of ice makers varying in size and specifications, you need online information to make a good ice maker choice.

The amount of ice you need will determine the size of the portable ice machine you need to purchase. In case you love to entertain, then you buy a portable ice machine that can produce enough ice for many guests. The maximum ice produced by an ice marker is 35 pounds a day, while a small one can make maximum 28 pounds a day. From small to bigger ice makers, you can simply get a good ice maker that fits your need and other requirements.

Almost all portable ice maker can keep a quite small amounts of ice. If you need to store a bigger amount of ice, you have to buy a bigger size with large the storage bin. In this case, you will have to go for a larger portable ice maker.

Some of the newest models can create ice cubes in three sizes – large, medium and small. Of course, the ice size depends on your type of drinks. Today, most ice makers give you the option to control the size of ice cube, although it is more expensive.

Proper maintenance ensures longevity of your portable ice maker. The best portable ice maker in the market is easily maintained; simply wipe down the outside of the unit and clean the water reservoir regularly after every use.

Take the time to read the manual provided to you by the manufacturer. Be familiar with the specific parts and technical details of the ice maker. If ever you encounter problems, you know now to handle the problem. There are cases where you can fix the necessary changes. You do not need a repair specialist to do the job as you can handle minor repair concerns. But if you really need to major repairs and you are not sure as to how to handle the problem, do not take chances.


Portable ice makers are handy, compact, easy to maintain and do not require any installation. For you to enjoy all the benefits that come along with owning one, you should find a good ice maker that matches your needs.

Make your life easier during hot days and invest in a portable ice maker. Unlike people in the past, you no longer need to queue for ice at the grocery store. This generation is lucky to have smart minds and crafted hands that created portable ice with the best features: mess free, easy to use and convenient solution for making your own homemade ice.