Tips for Saving Money on Good Car Tires by Shopping Online

Replacing car tires can be a cheap and easy experience when you shop online instead of at your local shop. A typical experience when buying car tires sees the automotive consumer relying on their car dealer, or possibly a national tire retailer, to supply and install replacement tires. The chances are good that if you decide to go this route, you will end up paying too much money or wasting half of a Saturday waiting, or possibly both.

Good Alternatives To Overpaying For Car Tires

Internet tire vendors such as Tire Rack, Vulcan Tire, and Discount Tire Direct specialize in a large selection, a premium on customer service, and reasonable shipping prices. With a business model that relies on volume, the prices offered for exactly the tires you need will be very difficult for a neighborhood tire shop to beat. On the other hand, you can easily ask your local shop to price match by printing out a quote from any of the online suppliers and taking it with you when you get estimates from area retailers.

Useful information to have close at hand when ordering tires online includes the size of the tires on your car already and some idea about whether you prefer all-season vs. summer tires. Most online vendors also allow you to filter by brand in case there is a particular make of tire that you have chosen already. Sites like Tire Rack can quickly calculate your total cost, including shipping prices, after you choose your new car tires.

Getting Your New Car Tires Installed

The final hurdle in completing your hassle-free online tire buying experience will be picking a method to have your new car tires installed. If you have any interest in replacing the stock wheels at the same time, a very convenient option is to have a vendor like Tire Rack install the tires onto new wheels and then ship the wheels on the tires as a complete package. This will only require simple tools like a tire iron and jack to complete installation once everything arrives at your doorstep.

Alternatively, if you need your new tires installed on your current wheels (the most economical option by far), local shops should be happy to handle that job for about $40 to $50 for a set of four new tires. The largest online tire retailers can recommend installers for you and will even drop ship the tires directly to local shops. If you still have difficulty finding a garage you trust, a Wal-Mart near you will be able to handle the job for about the best price you are likely to find.

If you are willing to invest a little time on the web to find the best cheap tires for your car, it’s likely you can save a lot of money time by ordering them online and having them installed once they are shipped to you.

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