Tips For Fishing By Boat

If you have been fishing onshore and are ready to take it to the next level, or if you have been fishing by boat for years but would like to get better at it. Here are quite a few tips that will help make your outings more fun and more profitable in terms of how many fish you can catch.

While there are a few variables that cannot be helped, such as weather, lake conditions, and fish behavior, these fishing by boat tips should help make quite a difference in just how lucky you are out on the water.

Take Everything With You

This sounds very simple, but it is all too easy to get out on the lake and realize you left something important back on shore. The less movement you can make through the water, the better off you will be.

Make a fishing by boat checklist of all that you plan to take with you, and then go through it before you pull out from shore. This small tip can make a bigger difference in your success rate, and it can help cut down on frustrations.

Remember that Noise is a Factor

Fish don’t like a lot of noise, and a boat will definitely disturb them. Pick out the place you want to try on the lake, and then once you reach it, turn off everything and sit as quietly as possible. You may need to give it a little while before fish return to that area.

Don’t bring a radio with you and learn to love the quiet. Once you get this down, it will be a lot easier to find the fish you’re after.

Consider Chumming

Although this may not be allowed on some lakes, chumming the bottom of your boat will definitely help get more fish interested in hanging around you. Take your bait of choice and rub it along the bottom and sides of your boat before you get it into the water.

The scent will remain and will serve to attract fish. This is a good tactic to try if you normally have a lot of trouble finding any fish out on the lake.

Be Open to Change

You may need to change up your bait and lures to see what is biting that day if you are not after a specific type of fish. Take a wide variety of different baits and lures, both natural and synthetic, and see which ones work the best.

It’s also helpful to make a log of your findings for next time you fishing by boat. You may also want to test out different line weights to see which ones are most effective for you.

Try different times of the day and different spots on the lake – If it is midday and hot, chances are the middle of the lake, where it is deepest, will be the best spot to find fish. Conversely, you can also luck out when it is cooler by hanging around near the edges. Once again, you’ll need to experiment to see which position works best for you when fishing on a boat.

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