The Top Five Hiking Trails

Hikers of the world, unite! Don’t just unite; find the best place to do unite, then hike it. We live in an amazing world that’s brimming with ideal hiking spots and camping spots, but there are a number of hiking spots that attract people from all over.

If you plan on taking a vacation to some of the best hiking spots in the United States, you might want to consult this list first. Finding the best hiking spots isn’t just about knowing where the most people go – it’s about choosing an experience that is best suited for you and your family. With that in mind, here are the top five hiking spots in America:

  1. The Tahoe Rim Trail – Nevada and California

Lake Tahoe has long been a top destination for wilderness lovers, but how many people are aware of the Tahoe Rim Trail? Well, now you are. This versatile trail blazes its way through two states, a state park, three national forests, and six counties. Thanks to trails like the Tahoe Rim, there’s always enough adventure out there for the both of us.

  1. Avenue of the Giants – California

It’s scary-sounding but actually quite serene and beautiful: the Avenue of the Giants in Northern California takes you through giant Redwood trees and near the North Coast. Littered with campgrounds, nearby towns and villages, restaurants, and other attractions, this also represents an ideal vacation spot that just happens to include some breathtaking hiking trails.

  1. Yellowstone – Wyoming

One of the world’s most famous parks is also home to some of the world’s best trails, a true reserve of wildlife that sees the Earth kept in almost perfect, serene order. It’s also a versatile destination, with attractions that range from geysers to rolling hills and steep, challenging hiking trails.

  1. Glacier Gorge (Estes Park) – Colorado

You’ll think you’ve stepped off the hiking trail and into a travel magazine when you check out glacier gorge, a destination in Colorado that includes scenery like waterfalls and wildflowers. You’ll also want to be sure to bring your camera for this trip: there will be too many opportunities for beautiful pictures to pass up.

  1. The Bright Angel Trail (Grand Canyon) – Arizona

The ancient, astounding wonders Grand Canyon also just so happen to make for great hiking trails, and perhaps none are better than the Bright Angel Trail. The Bright Angel Trail is located on the south rim of the canyon and descends 4,380 feet into the canyon itself, providing breathtaking scenery along the way.

With any trail on the Grand Canyon, however, you can’t go wrong: Bright Angel Point Trail is located on the north rim, the River Trail and the Plateau Point Trail are just some of the trails exploring the Grand Canyon.

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