The best equipment for travel in 2022

An “unlocked” phone means that you can purchase prepaid SIM cards in the country you are visiting, which will allow you to access their local network for much less money than the roaming fee paid by your home operator. With a prepaid SIM card, your phone actually becomes a new phone with a new (now local) phone number. Instead of seeing “Verizon”, “AT&T” or “Sprint” at the top of the phone, you can see “Vodafone”, “Yes Optus”, “M1” or any other vendor you choose in the country you you visit. . The first thing to check is whether it will be your phone work where are you going There are two main technologies needed by mobile phones to communicate with cellular towers: CDMA and GSM. Verizon still uses CDMA, albeit for a short time, while most other providers have GSM. Internationally, GSM is used much more widely, although there are some significant exceptions (especially China). If you have a fairly late model, a high-end phone (iPhone, Google Pixel, etc.), it will most likely work in GSM and CDMA network. If you are not sure whether your phone will work where you are going, check the Wikipedia page for your phone or contact your service provider.

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