Simple Way to Create a Playlist In Your iTunes

The idea of creating a playlist on your iTunes started when music was first introduced. It also started with mixtapes which most of the older folks that lived through the 70s, 80s, and early 90s are aware of. CDs also existed after mixtapes which is a newer version of a playlist on your iTunes.

When the Internet was introduced to the public, playlists became a big hit to music lovers. iTunes is one of the most popular playlists creators today, and it is used by hundreds of thousands of folks worldwide.

Actually, there are many more features in iTunes aside from creating custom playlist mixes. You can burn CDs and make mix CDs such as Christmas mixes during the holidays, synchronize multiple iPods/iPhones and iPads on a single computer and take them along with you to your next party, provide you with a whole new experience in song combinations and help optimize the storage space of devices that has low capacity.

Creating a playlist on iTunes is not a complicated thing to do. As long as you know how to use iTunes, then you will have a very easy time creating playlists. To start off, you will have to launch your iTunes music library on your computer and look for the + icon. It is located on the bottom left of the window. See the picture below.

After that, a new playlist will appear on the left side. This new music playlist does not have a name yet, and it does not contain any songs or tracks from your iTunes music library. But you can start adding songs from your library in a bit. Here are the next things that you should do to finish creating a playlist with your favorite songs.

First, name your playlist. Double click the name and start typing your desired new playlist name. After that, simply click enter, and the name of the playlist will be changed.

If you forgot to put a name on it, the playlist would simply be named Untitled Playlist. If you are not convinced about the name that you came up with, you can still change it later, as these names are not permanent.

Double click the name again and put the new name that you want. When you first click on the plus sign, you will see that you can alter the Untitled Playlist name to your desired playlist name immediately.

Second, you now have to add songs to your playlist. After naming your playlist, the next step will be to add songs. Adding songs is as simple as dragging and dropping items on your playlist. You do not have to click a lot of buttons just to add a single song. What I would do is double click on the new playlist that you created and make your playlist window free standing.

Click on the Music tab located in the upper left hand of the playlist.

You can find songs there that you can place on your playlist. After you find the songs that you want, just click the song and drag it to your playlist. When you see that the playlist has turned blue, just let go of your mouse, and the song will automatically be added. Just repeat the process until you finish getting the songs that you want in your new playlist, and the desired mix of songs has been completed.

Third, rearrange and order all the songs depending on your preference of where each song or track should be. So this is the final step to order the songs that you have in your playlist. You can arrange the songs in any order that you want. If you want to rearrange the songs, click the song and drag it up or down the playlist so that you can drop it either before a preferred song or after a preferred song.

Fourth is listening to the songs that you have. If you want to listen to the songs that you have on your playlist, simply double click on the first song, or you can also click it and press play on the top left corner of the window so that you can listen to the first song. If you want to play the songs in a random order, you can shuffle the songs on the playlist by clicking the shuffle button. After clicking it, the songs will play in a random manner.

So this is it. A very simple way to create a playlist in your iTunes music library.

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