Simple Tips for Buying Ski Pants

Women’s and men’s ski and snowboard pants are essentially designed to provide the maximum amount of comfort while simultaneously insulating your legs and keeping them warm and dry. There are a number of different choices available to you when it comes to ski pants, including bib-styled ski pants and full-body ski pants, or even suspender ski pants.

Choosing a style for your ski pants is essentially completely up to you and your individual preference, but you want to keep in mind if you choose a pair that is too tight, you could obstruct the flexibility of your joints, hampering your performance on the slopes.

If you want to choose the perfect pair of ski pants so that you can show off your skills on the slopes, keep the following simple tips in mind.

#1 – Choose a pair of ski pants that are slightly loose-fitting unless the fabric is stretchy. Tight-fitting ski pants, especially over the hips and the knees, can keep you from performing at your best by hampering your flexibility.

#2 – If you intend to wear your ski pants a lot, make sure that the lower legs, knees, and seat are reinforced because these areas damage easily due to wear.

#3 – Make sure that any waist belts or suspenders that you need fit well and are firmly adjustable. The last thing that you are going to want is to be going downhill and have your suspenders slip off your shoulders. Elastic suspenders can hold fast onto positions, but they lose their elasticity over time.

#4 – Choose ski pants that have a soft and breathable lining, as they will wick moisture and prevent sweating.

#5 – Most ski pants get their insulation with fleece lining. The best fleece lining is thick enough to protect your legs from freezing but also thin enough that it keeps the pants lightweight and breathable.

#6 – Your knee joints must be able to get the most out of their natural flexibility, so make sure that the knee joints in your ski pants are well articulated to give you the maximum level of flexibility for ease in movement, especially when skiing at speed.

#7 – Bring your ski boots with you when you try on different pairs of ski pants to make sure that the cuffs of the pants you choose accommodate the boots that you already own. There are different types of cuffs to choose from, but most are large with hemmed, elasticized, knitted hems, or a drawcord for even more convenience.

#8 – If you have a ski coach or instructor, consider bringing him or her along to make sure that you buy the right pants.

#9 – For the best results, it may be ideal to buy from a reputable brand such as Arc’teryx, North Face, Mountain Hardware, or Patagonia snow pants. These are brands that you can count on to provide high-quality results.

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