Should You Shower After Infrared Sauna?

To get the optimal infrared sauna benefits, you need to encourage your pores to close as they opened up. This is why you should shower after infrared sauna. Keep in mind to wait a couple of minutes before you hit the shower so your body can find the time to adapt.

It is a good idea to get an infrared sauna to get your body relaxed after a heavy stressed day. Infrared sauna helps in producing heat and releasing toxins which accumulate as a result of heavy stress and lack of rest.  Going to a sauna alone does not alone give you desired results.

To achieve the optimum feel, you need to follow specific pre-requisites and there are also few must dos. One thing that you should consider is shower after infrared sauna session.

The Need for Shower After Infrared Sauna

Shower After Infrared Sauna

After an infrared sauna session, your body releases lot of toxins which is an indication that your skin is beginning to breathe. The sweat that releases during and after the session allows the body to release pores and throws out unwanted waste. This process is called transpiration.

The unwanted particles like deodorants, cosmetics etc which release during the process tend to stay on your skin if you don’t take a shower. These can be washed off with a nice shower. Try washing with luke warm water to rinse off everything, the dirt, dust and waste.

A shower after infrared sauna helps body to cool down. But make sure that you go in to shower only after your body cools down. If you take shower immediately after sauna, the sweat that is released during the process tends to come back even after wiping with a towel.

Cold or Hot Water Shower?

Cold showers after infrared sauna session are better than hot showers because they make your skin and your hair healthier. It also improves your blood circulation and makes you lose fat because your body has to burn up more energy to make you warm and as a result burns fat to get the energy it needs.

Shower after sauna session also improves your sleep and relieves stress. Cold showers help you stay calm and unstressed and helps with depression. Cold water helps you recover faster after an exercise and increases the amount of white blood cells and as a result your immune system gets a boost.

Hot water shower is also good to rinse off whatever toxins are left on your skin, it allow the body to continue to expel them some more.

Personally when I take cold showers I feel more comfortable and more energetic and I feel that my skin and hair are smoother than with hot showers.

Take time to have a drink in between sauna and shower. You can drink two to three glasses of clean drinking water or some fress juice before setting out to shower and after coming out from shower.

So this time when you go for an infrared sauna session do not hesitate wondering if you have to shower after it since you know the reasons.