Rare to Find macOS Apps You Wish You Need to Donwload Right Now

Get yourself a brand-new Mac? Here are 10 macOS apps that can make your computer do amazing things.

Did you buy a new MacBook Pro, iMac, or Mac Studio to join the Apple silicon hype train? There are a lot of apps to find, whether you just got a new Mac desktop or laptop or just want to try something new on the one you already have. But there are 10 macOS apps that will always be useful and should be on every Mac, no matter who you are.

Here are ten must-have Mac apps that will make any Mac, even the best ones on the market right now, like the 2021 MacBook Pro, stand out.

#1 Dropbox

Dropbox is a cloud storage service that makes it easy to back up important documents, files, photos, videos, and other things. This makes it one of the essential must-have Mac apps. While your stuff is in Dropbox, you can access it from any other device as long as you are signed in to the same account. Any changes you make to your files are saved automatically, but you can also use the web interface to look at older versions if you need to. Everything you upload to Dropbox is encrypted, and there are also features that make it easy to share files with others. One thing I like about Dropbox is that it works with almost every other app I use, so I can get to my files from anywhere and in any program.

#2 1Password

Having secure passwords is one of the most important things you can do to protect yourself online. For this, you’ll need a good password manager that can keep track of your passwords and other sensitive information and help you come up with random passwords to use. With 1Password, you can make different vaults for personal and work accounts (or whatever else you need), sync your data across multiple devices (it works on everything), and store things like bank information, credit card numbers, and other sensitive information. Everything in 1Password is encrypted to keep it safe, and you can’t even get in without the master password. I’ve been using 1Password for years, and it’s one app that I can’t live without. If you need a great password manager, you need the Mac app 1Password.

#3 DaisyDisk

Need to clean up your hard drive a bit? Another essential Mac app is DaisyDisk. With this app, you can quickly see what’s taking up the most space on your hard drive by looking at the bright and colorful blocks. You can delete things right from DaisyDisk to make room, and the interface makes it easy and fun to do so. Decluttering has never been prettier.

#4 Bartender

Once you start installing a lot of apps, your Menubar may get full of icons. Bartender is an app that helps you clean up your Menubar by putting unwanted icons in a kind of sub-Menubar. With Bartender, you can choose to rearrange your icons in a way that makes more sense to you. You can also choose which icons go in the main Menubar and which ones go in a secondary Menubar. You can also hide some things that you don’t need. It’s up to you. This is a must-have Mac app that I would install as soon as I got a new Mac. It’s also great for new MacBooks because you can gain a lot of menubar space on their smaller screens.

#5 Folder Peek

Folder Peek is one of the coolest and most useful apps I’ve found recently. It lets you add any folder you want to your Mac’s menu bar so you can get to it quickly and easily.

You can add as many folders as you want, and you can change the name, icon, and size of each folder. Also, the contents of a folder and previews of images and files could be seen right from the menu bar.

#6 iPreview

iPreview is a macOS app that adds a lot of useful features to the preview function on a Mac to make it better. It lets you quickly look at the kinds of files that the default Preview app can’t open.

Some file types that can be previewed with iPreview are source codes, including line numbers, markdown documents, archive files, 3D render files, license files, and other image types that aren’t supported.

The iPreview app also comes with a few customization options that let you change the theme of the quick preview, the font of the source, whether or not to show line numbers, and the animations in 3D render files.

#7 Picsee

The Photos app that comes with macOS is a great way to look at and change your photos and videos. But you might think it’s missing some features you want, such as the ability to organize files in different ways, support for different file types, and more.

#8 Curiosity

Curiosity is one of the best macOS apps I’ve found recently, and I’ve been using it a lot since then.

It is a single place where you can find and manage any file, app, or email you have anywhere, including your local storage, cloud services, online messaging apps, project management tools, social networks, and more.

#9 Display Maid

Display Maid is an app for macOS that was made for people who like to use multiple monitors to make their work more efficient.

If you use more than one monitor, you know that it has some drawbacks. The main one is that you have to rearrange all the open windows every time you disconnect and reconnect your laptop to the monitors.

#10 Dock Mate

I’ve always thought that Mac’s dock wasn’t used to its full potential. When I found Dock Mate, I was glad that there is finally an app that tries to use the dock for more than just launching apps.

When you move the mouse over an app icon in the dock, Dock Mate shows previews of the open app windows. It works like Windows OS and has options for managing windows as well.

Dock Mate shows previews of open windows and lets you control them. It also has a separate preview option for apps like Music, Podcasts, and Calendar, with icons and options for controlling playback, viewing events, and joining meetings.

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