Opinion | Can “Top Gun: Maverick” and “The Northman” save movies?

Is it possible to cancel the deviation? Is it possible to resist decadence? These questions are about Joe Biden’s America, a $ 5-gallon country, a looming recession, looming power outages, a 1970s-style urban crisis – not to mention a summer film led by the Jurassic Park sequel. and “Light Year”. ”A pitiful withdrawal of Disney money based on fictional pop culture from the 1995 film Pixar.

But once I came to praise modern Hollywood, not bury it. It’s been almost three months since the gruesome Oscar season seemed to highlight the collapse of movies, the Big T, the Big M, as a major American art form. And in that period, no matter how depressing it was for American society in almost every way, we were adorned with two notions of the films they once were, and may one day be, two visions of a pop-cultural renaissance for our age of gilding and rust. CGI

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