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I’ve always hated shopping, but now that I’m on a keto diet, it’s even worse.

All I see are passages clogged from floor to ceiling with food I can’t eat. (Can I? I don’t know anymore.) The grocery store is a struggle on a good day for me, but when I try to follow a keto diet, it’s a complete nightmare!

Reading the nutritional value on the back of everything I collect pushes me to bananas. Even the shop assistant asked if I needed help because I looked so confused. I went again with eggs, avocados and double dishes of Oreos for dinner.

Keto looks so good on paper, and the results are impressive, but why is it such a challenge for me? Am I doomed to failure forever? Part of me thought so, but deep down I knew that if I had the right tools and training wheels, I could do it. When I chewed my fourth Oreo, I googled * how to be successful in Keto *.

After a few very boring readings, I got caught
Green chef, USDA certified organic food delivery service. They have various plans with specially designed recipes that will help you follow a special diet, such as gluten-free, paleo, plant-based, balanced lifestyle and, of course, keto.

I really doubted it would work, but it was the best option I could find, so I did Keto one last time. Here’s how Green Chef helped me stay Keto Strong:

1. Why Keto is so good for you

The focus of keto – a large number of healthy fats with low carbohydrates. So much of the Western diet is focused on carbs that switching your focus to fats as a source of fuel can have so many benefits to your health. After I got used to fewer carbs (which was not so bad with all the delicious Green Chef recipes), I noticed that I was fast asleep, waking up refreshed, and my craving for cookies disappeared (almost).

2. Why the Green Chef keto plan is better for you

Keto has never been so simple, every week I have a new menu from which I can choose all my keto dinners. All Green Chef recipes are created by chefs, well balanced and go beyond delicious recipes. These food kits contain a variety of fresh organic ingredients that do not contain GMOs, and all products are obtained from local farms. I really feel the difference in taste, and it’s amazing to know that the food I eat is eco-friendly.

3. My time is most important

I don’t just spend time in the grocery store, I research recipes, plan lunches, and then cook all the ingredients! Green Chef delivers first-class, perfectly portioned ingredients, ready to cook, right to your door. Quick and easy cooking cards contain tips from the chef and appetizing photos that give you a step-by-step guide to cooking. Create and lay out in about 30 minutes.

4. Enjoy the aromas

An amazing team of experienced Green Chef chefs creates bright keto recipes that you will rarely find in restaurants. My absolute favorite – beef stuffed wire pies with hot sauce, fried bell peppers and mushrooms. Portion sizes, especially protein, are perfect and you feel perfectly full after every meal. I even usually have leftovers for lunch the next day.

5. Ding Dong – Dinner at the door

Green Chef supports weekly, biweekly or monthly subscriptions. Alternatively, you can skip the week when you want. Personally, I don’t do that, because Keto with Green Chef is still impressive for me, and I don’t want to lose momentum while it is there! But if you have more experience in making keto eats, you just need a little help here and there, you can customize your subscription to better suit your budget and lifestyle.

6. No Crave – No Cave

I used to think that keto was a form of torture because of the monotony of the dishes I cooked, but not anymore. With 8 new delicious dishes to choose from each week, keto support is no longer an issue. Diversity is the main thing!

7. Stay strong keto with a green chef

Continuing my journey to Keto, I’m sure I won’t go out this time. Green Chef plays a huge role in delivering everything I need for success to my door. Their world-inspired recipes, rich in flavor, mean that I never get bored, but reach my target weight. For me, Keto is not a diet – it’s how I feed my body to be in better shape.

Keto can be simple and delicious with Green Chef!

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