J Lo Glow Perfume Review

The After Dark J Lo Glow perfume is the seventh fragrance being offered by Jennifer Lopez, and it is the fourth fragrance in the Glow franchise following Glow, Miami Glow, and the third was Love at First Glow. This is a review of the J Lo Glow perfume, After Dark by Jennifer Lopez.

The notes that you will find in the After Dark J Lo Glow perfume line include melon, mandarin orange, white cherry, jasmine, passion fruit, freesia, rose, pink musk, orange flower, and tree moss, patchouli and blonde woods.

Notable Notes: Melon, Mandarin Orange, White Cherry, Jasmine, Passion Fruit, Freesia, Rose, Pink Musk, Orange Flower, Tree Moss, Patchouli and Blonde Woods.
Best Use: For a night out on the town.

The After Dark J Lo Glow perfume has been advertised as being breathless, wild and sexy. This is a late-night, going out partying until the break of dawn kind of perfume, much like the Midnight Fantasy perfume being offered by Britney Spears. The fragrance that Britney offers, despite the sexy advertising, is largely geared toward a younger audience of teens that aren’t even supposed to be out that late, but J Lo is taking the concept to a completely different level by catering to the women that actually can party until dawn if they so choose.

The requisite fruits in this blend are present in the top notes of this J Lo Glow perfume, but they are not present for very long. This is not a totally fruity girly floral-like J Lo’s Love at First Glow, and it is not even going to begin to approach the same sugar levels that Midnight Fantasy catered to. The heart of the J Lo Glow perfume fragrance is a sheer blur of floral scents that have been characterizing a lot of the recent celebrity perfume releases. The dry down has a lot of pale and woody musk in it.

The notes refer to this one as pink musk, and for a good reason, too, because that is exactly what the dry down is going to smell like for you. This J Lo Glow perfume offers a soft and plush velvety dry down that is more clean and clear than not, and it is not too bland, but bland enough that describing it beyond that would be difficult.

The After Dark J Lo Glow perfume is available in 30 ml, 50 ml and 100 ml bottles in Eau de Toilette, and it is also available in body lotion, shower gel and a solid perfume pendant as well. Unlike the other J Lo Glow perfume options, After Dark is not going to be a limited edition but rather will be a permanent addition to the J Lo Glow perfume line. You may be able to score a free sample of this one from the Jennifer Lopez Beauty site if you want to check it out before you buy it.

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