Installing And Setting Up iTunes On A Windows

If you are on a Mac computer, most likely you have iTunes installed, but Windows computers do not come with iTunes installed. Read on to learn how to install and set up iTunes on a Windows PC.

The first thing on a Windows machine is that you have to make sure you are logged into your computer as an administrator login. All applications or programs should be quit or not running. So nothing should be running during our installation of the iTunes software. The best music player on a computer, hand down.

  1. Go to

Click on the Free Download with an arrow pointing down button so you can start your download process. You will have to enter your email address to actually have the download start, but it’s pretty simple. Just follow the instructions on downloading iTunes – you are looking for the iTunesSetup.exe file. You must pick the hard drive location where your iTunesSetup.exe file is downloading and make sure you remember where it’s downloading.

  1. Next, you should run the iTunesSetup.exe file that was downloaded.

This is what’s going to install your iTunes on your Windows computer. Once you see the welcome screen, just click through to the agreement that you have to digitally sign. This is typical of all software you download. It’s the same legal mumbo jumbo, so just click through and make sure to accept it because if you do not accept this, you will not be able to finish installing iTunes on your Windows computer.

  1. After you have accepted the license agreement with Apple, you will have to choose your installation options. Those installation options are as follows.

Installation Option 1

Add iTunes and QuickTime Shortcuts To My Desktop. This basically installs the shortcuts for iTunes music player and QuickTime Player on your Windows computers desktop so that you can simply find the applications rather than dig for them.

Installation Option 2

Use iTunes as the Default Player for Audio Files. This is important, and I highly recommend that you set iTunes as your default music and audio file player. It’s the most popular player of its kind out there, and I highly recommend you stick to one player. If you are happy with the player you currently use, then, by all means, stick to it, but if you don’t want any confusion or complications to arise, then stick to one and if you need to use iTunes, then stick to iTunes as your one and only music player. Trust me, and you’ll appreciate that you did that.

Installation Option 3

Automatically update iTunes and other Apple software. I suggest you select this so that your computer updates your iTunes music player automatically so that when there is a new update, then you have the latest version of iTunes. It’s always good to have the latest and greatest version of any software program to be able to do the latest things the software is doing.

  1. Choosing the default language of the iTunes library.

It’s defaulted to English, but you are ok to choose any of the other available languages. One simple clicks on the drop-down menu, and you should be able to select what you want to use as the language.

  1. You should now choose the destination folder for your brand new installed iTunes music player program.

It’s defaulted to the Program Files folder on your C drive, but if you want to use another folder, just select the Change button to use to locate the desired destination folder.

  1. Finally, click Install to finish the installation process for installing your iTunes on your Windows computer.

Once the installation and setting up iTunes on a Windows PC finished, you will see the Completed dialogue box on your desktop.

Finally, iTunes, along with QuickTime, are both freshly installed on your Windows PC. You can start using iTunes music store by double-clicking iTunes on your desktop with the shortcut that we set up earlier. You can also just click the Start menu to locate iTunes and launch it.

I know this is repetitive, but Apple has you agree to these agreements, so once you launch iTunes for the first time, you will have to agree to the license agreement again, but once you do, you are on your way to enjoying listening to music on your new iTunes music player/library program. But prior to that, you have one more step, and that is the iTunes Set Up assistant. Just click through the Next button, and really, you will be on your way to enjoying the best music player around. Don’t have too much fun!!

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