Infrared Sauna Running Costs – Is it Expensive?

After learning the large list of health benefits of an Infrared sauna, you have decided to get one for yourself. Well, that’s a great idea. Before buying infrared sauna, it is better to estimate the infrared sauna running costs so that you make an easy assessment of your e bills and monthly expenses.

People often worry that electrical saunas are hard to maintain and expensive to be paid. But modern equipment come with parts that can be easily maintained and affordable at prices.  You can calculate the infrared sauna running costs by taking power rating of the appliance in to account.

Infrared Sauna Running Costs Estimate

infrared sauna running costs

Let us see how much power each infrared sauna part uses.

First of all, the watts given on the power rating of the appliance should be converted in to kilo watts. This can be done by dividing the number of watts by 1000. By this we can estimate the electricity that the appliance will use per hour.

When electricity is used at maximum, the approximate cost is 34 cents per kwh. That means to run your appliance you need 34 cents multiplied by 1.26 = 42.8 cents per hour.

The pads and domes require 1.26 kilo watts per hour. This is obtained by dividing 1260 by 1000.

During less peak hours, the electricity cost was 17 cents per kWh. That means it requires 21.4 cents per hour. This is calculated by multiplying 17 cents with 1.26.

A one person inrared sauna requires 1.67 kwh since the equipment uses 1673 watts which should be divided by 1000. A 2 person sauna requires 2.25 kWh since it uses 2251 watts divided by 1000. The 3 person and 4 person infrared saunas require2.55 kWh and 3.03 kwh.

Your cost per KWh may be different. For the exact infrared sauna running costs, find out what your electricity supplier charges per kilowatt hour. This is noted on your electricity bill in cents per unit (KWh).

Getting a sauna at home definitely offers lot of health benefits. But be sure of obtaining one with specific advantages for you without draining your pocket.