How to Train for a Long Hiking Trip

So you’re finally ready to do it: heading out to the Grand Canyon in a month or two, you feel excited about all of the views you’re going to see. But are you ready for all of the exercise you’re going to get? If you need to shake off your hiking rust, this article will help whip you back into hiking shape so you can concentrate on nature – not the nuisance.

There’s No Training Like the Real Thing

You might be putting in extra hours at the office in order to make sure that you can have this extended hiking trip, but that doesn’t mean you can’t squeeze in a few hiking jaunts on your own. If you can, bring your spouse on these hiking trips so that you both receive the benefits.

If you venture out alone, make sure you don’t venture far off the beaten path – your goal is simply to reacquaint yourself with the experience of hiking. If you must have an adventure, make sure you bring equipment like a compass and GPS device.

There is no training like the real thing: hiking up and down hills will help you not only build up the leg strength you’ll be required, it will help you work out the details of your own trip.

What did you forget to bring on this hiking trip that you’ll need your hiking trip? What was uncomfortable about your hike, and what can you buy out there in the marketplace that will help you feel better?

Training Near or At Home

Of course, it’s not always possible to get out there and hike in the woods. How should you exercise and prepare today?

First, take a look at your daily routine. Whether you’re sitting on the couch all day or simply taking a daily walk, you might want to change things up to better reflect what you’ll be doing on your trip.

If you’ve been avoiding that big hill on your walk, it’s time to take on the challenge. If your treadmill has an incline feature, be sure to make avid use of it.

Second, make sure you feel okay about leaving indoor civilization for hours at a time, even if your exercise routine keeps you on the treadmill. Ask yourself what you’d need to feel comfortable: plenty of water and snacks, sure.

But also remember that on your hiking trip, you’ll want to bring gadgets like binoculars and a digital camera. Most importantly: be cautious and safe, and you should have plenty of fun.

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