How To Search For Music in iTunes Store

You have ripped or imported all of your CDs into your iTunes music library. You also buy music from the iTunes store and buy books, movies, podcasts, and more, and you are addicted to how convenient it is to buy media at your fingertips. You keep adding and adding more media into the iTunes library and keep forgetting where to search and find the music you imported last week.

So it’s serious time to learn how to organize your media in your iTunes library to make it easier to find them.

Your iTunes music library can hold an infinite amount of songs, movies, books and more, but it really depends on how much space you have on your computer hard drive if that’s where you have the files stored. It also depends on how much space is on your external hard drive if that’s where you have your media or songs imported.

I prefer the external hard drive, as that’s where I have my iTunes save mostly music (168, 463 mp3s) on a 2 TB (terabytes) size hard drive, which is ¾ full! But if you have a quarter of the number of files as I do, it’s still difficult to organize it since you are dealing with hundreds and thousands of songs.

If your iTunes library is increasing at a rapid rate, then it’s time to think about organizing it so that it makes it easy to find your music. If the iTunes store is not organized, then even finding a very recognizable song like Cold Heart by Elton John will be difficult.

How To Browse Your iTunes Library

When you have iTunes launched, on the left-hand panel, you will see options such as Music, Movies, TV Shows, Radio, as well as options for Podcasts, Books, Apps and Ringtones. You can select to either display or not display by going to Edit > Preferences on a Windows computer or iTunes > Preferences on a Mac.

iTunes library

Make sure the General Tab is highlighted and pick and choose, select and or deselect the different options you want on or off, then save to accept those changes.

When you’ve selected MUSIC, basically, you’ll be seeing the music that you have imported into iTunes or purchased music from the iTunes Store.

When you’ve selected MOVIES on the left panel of selections, you’ll see the movies you’ve purchased and downloaded from the iTunes Store.

Now, if you don’t have any movies, then you won’t see anything in there. And the same goes with TV SHOWS, PODCASTS, BOOKS, APPS, RINGTONES and so on. Each selection will display that particular media that you have available in your iTunes.

So we’ll be focusing on this section and mostly MUSIC because the iTunes store is mostly for music. You have the option of adding additional media that you can enjoy on the computer or take with you on any iDevice such as the iPhone, iPad or iPod!

When you have selected MUSIC, you can search for music in the iTunes store using four different browse modes.

Cover Flow Mode (my favourite – the far right button)

Allows you to browse through your music with the album covers, nice and large. It helps to have your album covers added to all your music. If you’re looking for an automatic album cover adder, check this software program that adds all the album covers to all your music automatically.

Because what’s the point of the Cover Flow Mode if you don’t have any album covers to look at? But having the album covers is not just for the Cover Flow Mode. It works for viewing your songs in every mode. It just helps to have those beautiful album covers present in your music on iTunes.

Grid Mode (next to the Cover Flow Mode button)

Allows you to browse through your music as just album covers just as quick thumbnails you can click on and listen to. Each song will have its own album cover thumbnail that you can click on. You can change the view here and view the music as Artists as it’s defaulted to Albums and also have options to view Genres and Composers.

Album List Mode

Shows your music sorted by album along with the album cover art as a small thumbnail. This, unfortunately, is my least favourite mode On iTunes.

List Mode is your default view mode in iTunes

Basically, it lists all songs in a row, and you can view/sort your music as albums, by dates, by artists, by genres, by bit rate, by date added or date modified, track number, in alphabetical order and so on. It’s my favourite browsing mode, and I use it mostly because of Cover Flow Mode, even though I love slowing down the computer with my quantity of songs.

So this is it. After you know how to search for music in iTunes store, you can start enjoying your music while travelling in Hawaii using iTunes, the most advanced music player application around.

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