How to Replace a Deadbolt Lock

Having a quality deadbolt lock on your door can be vital to your home security, so it’s best not to put off any repairs or replacements that are needed. Don’t let a thief take advantage of your broken deadbolt before you get a chance to take a crack at repairing it. If you need to replace your deadbolt lock, this article will make a handy guide for getting started.

First, it helps to understand that there are generally two types of deadbolts – internal and external.

An interior deadbolt will generally be more secure but can be a little more difficult to remove or install, while an exterior deadbolt will be the opposite – not quite as secure but easier to remove. If you’re a solid do-it-yourselfer, you should have no problem installing a quality interior deadbolt.

When it’s time to replace your deadbolt, you’ll want to make sure you prepare adequately.

This means you’ll want to test the quality of your door’s wood – if it’s so old that nothing will come out, it’s generally a good idea to simply buy a new door. You’ll also want to look and see how your current deadbolt is installed for any clues you can get about installing a new one.

Also, make sure you do proper research and preparation in terms of your new deadbolt – it should be able to fit properly once you place it in the door.

To begin replacing a broken deadbolt lock, simply remove the screws from the old deadbolt and remove it as best you see fit.

Generally, you’ll want to remove the smaller pieces before the bigger ones, though this rule isn’t always set in stone. Remember to make a mental note of what you’re doing in case you need to work the opposite way when you install the new deadbolt.

When you put in the new deadbolt, do your best to follow any instructions you have.

Your new deadbolt should be able to fit if you’ve done your homework. Make sure you install the right side up – a good way to check this is to make sure any writing isn’t upside down – and make sure that the new deadbolt is properly installed and secure in the door.

Give it some tests, having someone help you by locking it from the inside and having you try to open it from the outside. After a few tests, you should be good to go. Congratulations! You’ve installed a new deadbolt.

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