How to Repair a Leaky Watering Wand

One of the tools I use in my greenhouse is a watering wand, a special hose attachment that lets me water plants beyond my reach. Watering wands not only extend a gardener’s reach by a couple of feet or more, they generally come with a special dial that controls the volume, pattern, and force of the water being sprayed on your plants.

When watering wands start to leak at the seams like mine started doing last week, this doesn’t mean that they are broken. Sometimes all they require is a new washer (also called a “gasket”) at the hose attachment. These gaskets ensure a tight seal between the connecting hoses and prevent water from leaking when in use.

Replacing a watering wand gasket is an easy do-it-yourself task that doesn’t require any special tools. Here’s how it’s done.

1. Disconnect the wand.

To access the gasket, you must turn off the water and disconnect the wand from the garden hose. Drain off any water trapped inside the wand, then peer inside the opening (called the coupling) to find the gasket. What you are looking for is a circular “O” ring made of rubber which might be either black or reddish. Remove the gasket with your finger.

2. Go to the hardware store.

Rubber hose gaskets are commonly found at all hardware stores. What I usually do to save time is to bring the old gasket with me to the store and then ask the clerk at the counter for some help in finding the right seal. Hose gaskets usually cost less than $1.

3. Replace the gasket.

To install the replacement gasket, slide the gasket over your finger and gently work it into the base of the coupling as far as it can go. Press it flat against the base so that it fits snugly.

4. Attach the hose.

Reattach the hose to the watering wand and turn on the water. If the wand still leaks, repeat the process making sure that the gasket is absolutely flat against the base.

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