How to make the most of your loneliness season

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Times have changed and more and more people are choosing to stay single longer. This could be due to financial reasons, a career, higher education and the inability to find the right partner or a broken heart, which we sometimes defiantly refer to locally as “character development”. Some people have decided not to marry at all, deciding to remain single for life, sometimes childless or single parents.

However, African societies still emphasize marriage and family formation. Aunts with good intentions politely (or not very) remind you that time is running out and you need to calm down. Caring uncles ask when they can expect to receive a delegation of your suitor or send on a mission with a dowry.

If you have chosen a season or a life of solitude, you should enjoy yourself and not let people put pressure on you to become partners. Meeting yourself, that is, spending time with yourself when you learn more about who you are, is becoming more and more popular.

Read on to learn the different ways to enjoy your journey. As Mandy Hale says: “Lonely is no longer a lack of options, but a choice.”

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Eunice Murat

Business Daily Africa

Raihab Gachango: “The collection of interviews put together is the main part of this article, which gives it an attractive, conversational feel. Respondents talk about how to eat alone and about their different ways to feel comfortable. We remind you that more and more people prefer to travel alone and eat alone. The work also highlights cultural differences, which in some places make a single dinner strange, and in others – no.

Grace Mateka

Zeda Magazine

WG: “This concise material offers tips on how to live the best single life. There are two types of single people: those who enjoy their status and those who do not. This article offers practical advice that takes into account the current technological environment and the impact it has on mental health and well-being. Finally, the article emphasizes the importance of celebrating other relationships and connections, not just focusing on one’s lonely status. “

Joan Tatia

Yaza Kenya

WG: “We do not often see in one sentence to be alone and to benefit. This material shares the key benefits of loneliness, which are often overlooked, and does a great job of gathering individual benefits from economic to personal. It’s a quick read that confirms and marks the choice to be alone. “

Dawn on Citizen TV

WG: “Willis Raburu tells his guests about their experience of loneliness, the advantages and disadvantages of not having a partner. Sometimes being lonely is not approved, it is something that can not be enjoyed, but tolerated. This video confirms that there are single people who like their status and use the time to grow. Whether you’re single because you’re working on your personal growth, or you’re still looking for your girlfriend, this video resonates. ”

Chris Hart

Daily Nation

WG: “Loneliness is normal, and a person can feel lonely, even when surrounded by others. This article examines the fact that loneliness is growing in this increasingly atomized world, and lists all the ways that it negatively affects physical and mental health. The author gives effective advice to people who deal with loneliness, how to overcome it.

Nima Combo

This is Africa

WG: “This work begins with a comparison of the thinking of 20-year-old Tanzanian men and women, which show sharp differences. The author highlights the reasons why social pressure on women to marry. Although their tone is undoubtedly light, the objects it touches cause heaviness in the heart. This is an important reminder, especially for single people who are far from such pressure from society and have enough privilege to entertain ideas such as “enjoying solitude.”



WG: “It often seems that going outside will inevitably cost arms and legs. This work dispels this faith. The author shares a long topic about available things in Nairobi, places to visit and places to eat. Each entry is accompanied by photos, cost and other requirements. Some are team activities, others are solo walks, and they all look so much fun: from adrenaline junkies to quiet sitting activities. The author organizes trips for girls all over Africa so that you can be sure that they are safe and fun. “

Riley Lim


WG: “Being single at the age of 30 is often seen as proof that something is wrong with you. In this emotional work, the author draws on his personal experience of a single person in his 30s to advise and encourage other single people in a similar place. It’s nice to hear from someone who boldly shares their weaknesses and mistakes to share advice that they hope will come in handy. “

Amani Maranga

WG: “Amani Marangi’s podcast focuses on the challenges that men face in their daily lives. He explores relationships and why some men are still single. Two men talk about the reasons why they are still single – one of these stories will break your heart.

Sasha van Nickerk

Independent online

WG: “Traveling alone, for the first time, can be difficult, but it is not necessary. This work proves that more and more people are traveling alone, so you will be in good company. It also offers practical tips to help you relax and prepare for independent travel. ”

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