How To Make Ice Blocks at Home (an Easy Ways)

This post describes how to make ice blocks at home that look little different than regular ice cubes which are spectacular in both shape and appearance to grab everyone’s attention. Making ice blocks will requires water and ice mold that need to be placed in the freezer. It is the basic procedure of making ice blocks at home using your freezer.

Let’s get started in the preparation of making block of ice at home. For your information, there are two advantages of block ice when you prepare it at your own home. Firstly, they cost you less compared to when you have to buy block of ice made by an ice block maker machine. Secondly, you can shape the size blocks according to your requirement that works best for you.

You might have seen many sugarcane vendors and fruit sellers who use this block ice to serve their customers when they order their juice or watermelon slices at the roadside. So why not us use the same at home when we can prepare it freshly and use on occasions when there is a need for entertaining a large number of guests at the same moment. 

Tips on How To Make Ice Blocks

Depending on the occasion you need to choose the size of your block ice which might be large or even small. Next, choose your container and fill it with clean water to freeze and covert the water into a solid form which might take your whole day or even more.  Be careful about the material you choose, it’s advisable to use only high quality made containers that are BPA free and non-toxic.

Many people wish to prepare their block ice using household containers like steel vessels, plastic containers that insulate the ice to a certain extent but they will give you long lasting cooling for which you had prepared them. At the same time when taken out the plastic container, they bow out the water which freezes and expands resulting in air gaps.

Sometimes your bottle container might also break due to expansion. The best way to freeze water is to fill the container half and then add some water into it.

Hence the expanding water and ice formed in a plastic container or bottle can crack the plastic.  As a result of which the water which is not yet frozen starts gushing out through the gaps and can freeze all your veggies and fruits which the next day you have to defrost your fridge.

So it is wise to choose any high-quality container and add about 1/2″ part of water to freeze at a time and then keep on adding some more to form block ice of your size without breaking your container anymore.

However, if you are in a hurry to make an ice blocks then fill the container with ice cubes later adds some water over it, within a few time, you will get your desired block ice. This is the secret method on how to make ice blocks freeze faster.

According to my own experience it takes nearly 30 minutes to freeze each layer, and your entire block will be formed within 4-6 hours. So how was your experience making block ice?

Did you find out the method of how to make ice blocks at home useful or not? Forgetting your ice block to implement the tips mentioned above that will help you freeze your own desired size of block ice that is long lasting with no air bubbles nor lets your container bow out the water before its freezing. However, it might take more time to freeze block ice than a regular ice cube which melts faster.