Easy Methods on How To Make Crystal Clear Ice

Crystal clear ice is made of pure water which is either distilled or purified by reverse osmosis process. The ice made with such water is very clear as the water is very pure because all the impurities are removed from it. One can also make crystal clear ice using their tap water which requires first to get boiled as it contains dissolved air and when boiled evaporates leaving fresh water.

It is observed that many freezers produce ice, but that is not clear ice and opaque because the temperature is not set right and there is air locked in the water which is used to freeze for making ice. Hence you should follow the below mentioned easy steps that will help you learn how to make crystal clear ice?

Few Methods that ease the making of Crystal Clear Ice

Making Ice was not easy before the invention of Freezers and Coolers. Now anyone can prepare without the need of restaurant ice machine in their own home using the Ice trays and water. You can use this Ice to serve soft drinks, juices and with few beverages like served in cocktail parties. Here’s how you can prepare them at your own home.

The first method which everyone used is their ice block maker.  If you freeze any tap water, you will get opaque ice that is full of impurities and dissolved air which gets pushed into the centre making the ice cloudy. Instead, use fresh water like the bottled water that is purified and distilled to get better results.

The second method is using a good quality cooler in which you need to pour the water into the tray and keep it at the bottom. You will notice that the ice starts freezing from the top and during the process it pushes out all the air bubbles to the bottom. Hence you get crystal clear ice that looks as if made by using any Ice maker.

The third method is to use boiled water which removes all the impurities from the water and pushes air out of it. You can use this water once the temperature got cooled and pour it into your ice tray to prepare crystal clear ice that looks different than the regular one.

Now that you got to know how to make crystal clear ice at your comfort enjoy these beautifully formed translucent ices with any drink you love to sip after coming home from a hectic day out. You can shape your Ice in different forms like square, cube, cylinder or ball-shaped depending on your ice tray or tipple.

Whenever you have a party at your home, prepare these ice as mentioned above that have gained immense attention to get served in many cocktail and liquor parties for an amazing drinking experience. 

So was the information useful to prepare crystal clear ice without the need of using any ice making instrument that costs your more and occupies space in your kitchen. Simply follow the methods mentioned above and enjoy every occasion with crystal clear ice that is needed to get served along with soft drinks and liquor in most of the parties.