How to Make Clear Ice Cubes for Whiskey or Cocktails

Clear Ice cube is one of the most important ingredients of whiskey and cocktails, and while many people are satisfied with it. Making pure clear ice is not difficult or costly, and adds a touch of elegance to the drink. So today I will show you how to make clear ice cubes for whiskey or cocktails in a different variety forms.

These different ice shapes are suitable for different types of cocktails. To start with, there are a few clear ice machine on the market that are specifically for making pure clear ice cubes, some of them are expensive. But in this tutorial, all you need is a small heat saver and a serrated knife or any tool similar to a hammer. And if you want to make clear ice balls, you will need a snowball mold and a tin shaker.

Easy Method to Make Clear Ice Cubes

I called it “water freeze method” for what we will use in this tutorial. When the water freezes, the impurities form at the end of the freezing is being process. Therefore, by forcing the freeze to start from top to bottom, We will be able to separate the pure ice from the turbidity or clouds. Although using filtered or boiled water will help little, it will not give you a perfect clear ice cubes.

It began to fill the heat and leave it in the freezer for 24 hours. Buffer walls for heat preservation and open top means freeze occurs from top to bottom, We do not want the water to freeze completely, so we avoid any impurities from forming. When you see that only the upper half has frozen. Break the few remaining chips and you will have the snowy template. You can place it under some running water to soften the edges.

So, we’ll start making some big ice cubes. You can use the toothbrush and start digging a small linear incision, and take your hammer and start in ways.

Repeat the process on this smaller template, and cut your own parallel cubes of ice. Put them in bags and store them in a freezer. Cut off a few big snow bars that will be suitable for long cups. You should be able to get 4 or 5 of those pieces.

It is important to not cut the ice block larger than your cup. You can seriously get any form of this template. So it’s up to you. If you want smaller pieces, then go.

How to make ice ball round and clear? This will be a bit harder, but I will show you an ingenious trick here. Fill the heat sink and the tin vibrator as well, and fill the snowball cake to the top.

I will use the same method of “water freeze”. So we’ll need to freeze from top to bottom, and push impurities from the bottom. What we will do is turn the ice mold upside down and place it on top of the tin vase.

Now try to prevent any bubbles from forming inside the ice ball mold and place it in the heat sink. Place it free for the same period of time, then get rid of the tin vase and use the rest of the snow mass of the sculpture. The point is, the water must freeze from top to bottom, as well as when you pull the ice cubes.

The solid ice cubes must be cut off from the bottom. Because it is frozen upside down, it is assumed that the water is frozen down through that opening hole at the top of the ice block.

What Type of Ice that Looks Great in Cocktails

Finally you will have a clean and round ice ball. This type of ice will looks great in cocktails. I understand that some people do not care about the appearance of ice cubes for whiskey. They only see something to cool the cocktail.

I hope this short article shows you how to make a little extra effort to make crystal clear ice cubes for whiskey or cocktails. It can improve the appearance and even taste of the drink. I hope you enjoyed this explanation!