Easy Method on How To Make Clear Ice Balls

Making clear ice balls is just a matter of fun. But when you come to know that you can prepare clear ice with your own hands, it becomes more interesting. Yes, you heard right! We are talking about how to prepare Clear Ice Balls.

We know about ice cubes that are available at every individual home if they own a fridge. But what about these ice balls? Don’t they sound amazing! If you notice regular ice cubes look cloudy or opaque which are not that eye appealing to serve to your guests when offering them some milkshakes, juices or other soft drinks. However, both these types of ice achieve the same purposes.

One of the easiest ways would be getting your hands on a professional ice maker that prepares high-quality ice as served in bars and restaurants, but that would cost you some bucks to buy an ice maker machine. Here’s how you can prepare ice balls that are clear as served in bars and restaurants which mesmerize the customers and grab their attention.

Step by Step Method to Make Clear Ice Balls

Follow this simple technique how to make clear ice balls which can be served to your guests along with cocktails, soft drinks, smoothies or any beverages. It will be surprising to know that one ice ball is able enough to keep your entire drink cool for more than hour than the regular ones which melt faster when added into any liquid. They are sure to enhance your glass of drink. Let’s get to know how to prepare this incredible ice which is a result of directional freezing with the help of a mould.

During the process of cooling the water, you can find few air bubbles being pushed out of the ball mold prior to getting fully converted into ice. Generally, it is noticed that while freezing the water in ice trays the ice begins freezing first on the outside and then inwards, you will then experience some unseen air bubbles internally till they get collected and form a cloudy appearance at the center.

You can use an insulated container which you need to fill with water to the top that is attached with bottled spring water to produce the clearest ice. Not only fresh water you can use the tap water also. You need to place the mold inverted to freeze the water filled in the mold for about 24 hours and there starts the freezing from the mold top and then towards the downwards, which pushes all the air bubbles outwards into the reservoir without trapping them to give you crystal clear ice which you can remove from the mold.

Now you need to store your ice balls in zip-locked bags until you are ready to serve them in your party for an hour.

Did you ever happen to see a clear ice ball? If not then try it once at your home using an inverted insulated container or mold that works with directional freezing and prepares your ice ball that is ready to get added in your children’s birthday parties into the soft drinks or elders cocktail party. Enjoy any drink with this ice ball that gives you more cooling than the regular ice cubes.