How To Hang Art Salon Style

Whether you have a diverse collection of art, photographs, or objects, hanging them in a grouping (salon-style) is an excellent way to keep things from looking like a mismatched menagerie. Follow the steps below to achieve a look that is worthy of the items you want to display in a salon style.

Choose a Color

The key to creating the look of a curated art collection in a salon style is to have a unifying element-an easy way to do this is through color. Choose a single color family and select items that repeat those hues.

For example, use all black frames to tie together a wall of family photographs or choose all objects that are in the blue family. Feel free to choose items of different styles, sizes, and shapes. This will add interest to your grouping, while the single color will keep things cohesive.

Plan Your Arrangement

Once you’ve selected what you want on the wall, start to lay the items out on the floor in front of the hanging wall. You could even tape paper cut to size to try things out. Not only will you want to consider order of items, but you’ll also want to consider spacing.

Do you want the spacing between items to be equal, the outside edges to align, or is spacing staggered? There are no official rules here, so go with what appeals to you. I know it’s tempting, but don’t skip this step when hanging art in salon style. A little bit of planning goes a long way and saves you a lot of nail holes!

Hang it

Last but not least, decide where to start hanging. Do you know you want one of the pieces centered on the wall, do you want the bottom items to be a certain distance above a chair rail, etc.

Once you’ve got this starting point work your way out from there. A handy tool I’ve come across for hanging art salon style in my own home is looking online. I normally disregard items advertised on TV, but this one is actually quite helpful in marking where the nail should go.

Don’t have a collection?

Check out the online store, which offers tile-like cards that join together to form wall hangings. Choose from their options (you always wanted an art collection of vintage toys, right?!) or upload your own images to create a unique piece of salon style gallery.

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