How to Fix a Deck Stain

The overall stain of your deck is part of what gives it its charm. The more you use your deck, the happier you are with your deck, but the more you can expect to wear away at the original stain of the wood. If your deck has been in need of a new deck stain for a while now, it’s time to actually get around to it and update it with a fresh new look.

You don’t have to be a deck expert to fix a deck stain; you just need the right instructions.

First, you’ll want to apply a deck stripper to the deck.

This won’t solve everything for you, but it will prepare the deck for what will happen in the next steps. Make sure that you choose the appropriate stripper for the kind of wood you have; if you have any questions about this, try asking someone at the local hardware store for some advice, or at least do an internet search on the type of wood you’re using.

After this part of the job is finished, you’ll want to rent a pressure washer. When you bring it home, be sure that your deck is clear of the big stuff (tables, chairs) and the small stuff (stones, debris). Why? You’re going to be spraying down your deck with a high-intensity spray, and you don’t want to send anything flying!

In conjunction with the deck stripper you’ve already applied, your pressure washer should be able to peel off the old stain to your deck or at least give your deck a new, uniform color. You might also be able to incorporate deck cleaners that remove old stains; once again, questions should be directed to your local hardware or home improvement store.

Once you’ve stripped the stain, wash it out and let the deck dry over a period of a few days.

Now that you’ve removed the old stain, it’s time to select a new stain.

You might have had something in mind already, but if you simply wanted to fix the old stain, you’ve got some thinking to do. Choose a stain that works well for your wood, and if you can, make sure to test the stain on an idle piece of wood to see that it has the colour you like.

Once this is ready, you should be good to apply the new stain to your wood. You’ll want to let it dry and set in before using your deck; after a period of a few to several days, your deck should look brand-new and properly stained.

Congratulations! You’ve fixed a deck stain. Now, if you could just get that wine stain out of your shirt.

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