How to Fix a Chip In Your Windshield

If you’ve been driving behind a truck carrying stones, looking for a way to drive through traffic and get out of harm’s way, you’re definitely irritated when one of the rocks slips out and comes down on your windshield, chipping it slightly.

Even if you know a lot about cars, this inconvenience seems like a waste of time and money to get fixed, especially since it feels like it should never have happened. But thinking about the problem won’t fix the chip. Here’s how a chip in your windshield can be fixed.

First, remember that fixing chips in your windshield is usually best left to professionals.

Unless you’ve fixed chips before, this article will only serve as a demonstration of how chips are fixed by technicians who know how to work with glass. Even though glass is all around us in our daily lives, it is still a highly fragile and brittle material that can easily form into sharp edges that can do a lot of damage to someone who’s not being cautious.

Glass professionals will be able to drill into your glass windshield and apply some sort of vacuum pressure to prepare the area.

The professional will then inject resin into the windshield, which will work to fill the affected area as if the glass was always there. Once this has been injected, it is cured by ultraviolet light and then scraped smooth.

This is ideally what happens, but not always how it goes down.

A chip present in a windshield means that there’s a strong possibility the glass can crack, causing further damage to the windshield and making a total replacement necessary. 

That’s why your chip repair costs can be higher than you expected – not because anyone is ripping you off, but because of the fragile nature of glass. If you could work with glass, you would probably understand the complications that often arise in glass repair. It’s often best to simply replace glass instead of repairing it.

Now that you know a little more about the chip in your windshield, you should try to strive for better prevention. Stay clear of debris-stirring or carrying trucks that might drop a stone on your windshield. If you’re careful about how you drive, you should be able to avoid a chip in your windshield.

Once you do notice a chip in your windshield, be sure to have it taken care of as quickly as you can. Be sure to ask professionals for advice about what to do before you take the car in for treatment.

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