How to Find Your Signature Cologne Fragrance

Wearing fragrance is a necessity. It not only gives you a lift but also makes people notice your scent. There are so many scents to pick from it can be difficult to find one that you like. The best way to wear scent is to choose your own signature cologne fragrance. Once you choose your scent, it’s what you’ll be known for.

Picking your own cologne fragrance is fun. Citrus fragrances are still hot right now and are perfect for summer cologne. Look for undernotes of orange, xlang-xlang or lime. For a fun twist, choose a summer scent that adds some tropical flavour like coconut or pineapple. These have a cool fresh appeal but are still very sophisticated.

If you prefer florals, why not choose a romantic cologne fragrance?

The most romantic of scents have floral notes mixed with soft undertones. Some florals maybe just too sweet for your liking – for example, sometimes honeysuckle can be super sweet. If you like that sort of scent, why not try it mixed with another undertone? Some of the most romantic scents are those that have a hint of musk. Musk can be overpowering if it’s too strong, so be careful.

Fresh scents are all the rage, and you can find one in almost any cologne fragrance to your liking.

Fresh scents range from linen to ocean breezes. These are light and airy with a clean smell to them. They are very light so you can wear them during the day. They make the perfect signature scent because they are so universal.

Outdoor scents are also a popular choice.

These are similar to fresh scents. They may have a more woodsy or outdoorsy feel to them. Some scents are sweeter and gentle – think freshly mown lawn. If you like that sort of fresh outdoor scent, you’ll love making it your signature cologne fragrance. Beware of fragrances that are too musky or that have sandalwood, as these tend to smell too manly. Woodsy can be hard for women to pull off. Look for scents that have some floral notes that add dimension and femininity to the cologne.

Another type of scent that works well in the daytime and especially in the summer is fruit.

Fruity scents are so fun and breezy. They come in many different flavours” like melon, grapefruit, apple, pear, strawberry and grapefruit. These aren’t particularly sensuous scents, and they also aren’t very serious. They are fun and light to create a mood for summer. Spray cologne works well in fruit scents – get a small size as well so you can carry it along wherever you go.

Finding a signature cologne fragrance can take some time and experimentation. You’ll need to try on lots of scents before you find the perfect one that you want to stick with for a while. If you’re shopping online, it can be tricky, but you can do it. Read the descriptions very well – you’ll soon learn which ones are your favourites.

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