How to Find the Perfect Perfume and Cologne Scents

The search for the perfect perfume and cologne scents is one that can take years – indeed, even a lifetime to accomplish. If you want to find the best perfume and cologne scents for you, start by following these hints.

Try and Don’t Buy

Trying and buying go hand in hand, right? Not so fast. When it comes to perfume and cologne, you don’t want to make a hasty choice. Most women have a drawer full of scents that they purchased in haste only to regret later. Resist the temptation to purchase perfume and cologne immediately. Instead, try sampling it first.

There are two ways to sample perfume and cologne. You can try it right on your own body, or you can get a sample to take home. If you’re shopping at the department store, don’t forget to ask about free samples. You can often get a tiny vial of scent so you can take it home and try it out. Spraying it on your own arm is another way to sample perfume and cologne.

Whichever way you’re sampling it, you need to let the scent breathe and meld into your own body scent. Only then will you find out what the scent will really smell like on you. Scents each have a slightly different smell on everyone who wears it. You can also find samples in magazines, however, be cautious that the scent may not smell exactly as it will in a real bottle.

Get a Second Opinion

It can be hard, if not impossible, to detect how perfume and cologne smell on our own bodies. We can smell it in the bottle or even on our own wrists, yet we may not get the full effect. Instead, ask for help. Get your friend or family member to smell the scents on you as you test them. Let each scent sit on your wrist for a few minutes before sniffing.

Take your friend along with you when you shop. You’ll get an instant second opinion. Sometimes your friend may know what smells best on you more so than you do. Remember that you need to listen to the advice that you’re getting. If you shop alone, ask the salesperson for assistance. They are trained in helping people shop for perfume and cologne fragrance.

Shop Online

Once you have some ideas of the scents that work best for you and that you like, take them online. You can find some great bargains on the same perfume and cologne that you find in the department stores. Read the descriptions of scents that you haven’t tried to see if it fits your needs. When shopping online, choose a small bottle of perfume or cologne if you haven’t yet sampled it in person.

You will find the best online bargains on designer and celebrity fragrances. It’s not unusual to find savings of up to a third off when you shop online. That means you can save a bundle when you shop for perfume or cologne fragrances online.

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