How to Connect TV to Computer

Nowadays, everything has become easier and more convenient through computers, from performing business to connecting the entire TV set to the computer for efficiency and convenience. A lot of people use computers more than the usual TV sets and Stereo systems for entertainment. They use their computers to watch their favourite TV channels, DivX movies and videos and all this can be possible for you too by connecting your TV to the computer.

For connecting your TV to the computer, the first thing to be considered is whether your PC configuration is compatible with your television video format or not. If your PC configuration is not compatible with your television video format, you will need to find out ways to make your system compatible with the TV video format and that your system has to meet certain requirements.

Requirements Needed for Computer

Your computer must have an installed video card with a TV-Out connector. This card will be located at the backside of your system. This card will also be available on the back of a laptop.

This TV-Out connector is a cable that will connect both the systems together and link them to each other. This cable can indicate both the lines that come in and go out, so mind well that you plug in the TV set out from your PC.

Apart from this, you will also require a Line-In for the sound card from your TV to your PC.

Requirements for TV

The same kind of connector stated above will be stored inside your TV set, TV-IN or Video-In connector. Here, you will have to buy a Line-Out connector for the soundcard. If you fail to get the correct connector for your TV, you can use a VCR or a round connector that resembles an antenna. With the help of the VCR-Out can easily hook your TV to the VCR channels.

The next step is to change the configuration of your computer so that it runs all the TV channels and Videos without any obstructions. Windows users will have to change their Windows settings so that the process of connecting the TV and computer can be completed without any mishaps.

To do this, you need to go on the desktop, right-click, and go to Properties, Menu-Select TV output. Change the screen resolution from 800*600.

Let’s know some more ways to link up your TV to your Computer:

VGA – For HDTV, the better option to connect the TV to a computer is the VGA cable. It can give you hone and better quality video on your computer. It is extremely simple and easy to use on top of being cheap and economical. If you have a regular TV, this port can be found in your TV, but if you have an HDTV, you need to purchase this cable to connect your TV to the computer easily.

DVI – Digital Visual Interface, this cable, once attached, will give a top-notch picture with encouraged digital quality. Your computer should have a DVI connection, and your TV has to be an HDTV for this connection.

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