How to Properly Clean a Portable Ice Maker

Your portable ice maker needs regular cleaning to ensure proper performance and operating efficiency. Specific instructions to clean your portable ice maker are found within the user manual that was included with your unit. In this article you will learn how to properly clean your portable ice maker, so that the unit will constantly produce the best ice.

By using a portable ice maker, you can now create more ice. You can simply plug the machine and voila, you already have enough supply that can last. If ever you need more again, you can simply create ice. Since your machine is always used, it is important to maintain and clean your ice maker. As the owner, there are important things that you need to know to clean your ice maker.

What is a Portable Ice Maker?

Portable ice makers are appliances that enable you to create ice without any installation. Basically, they are almost the same at the old fashioned ice machines. They do not need drain lines. All you need to do is to put water inside the reservoir. Turn on the the machine and your ice maker will create the ice. Ice makers vary when it comes to the volume and size of ice. Most can create up to about 35 lbs.

Why You Need a Portable Ice Maker?

Having a portable ice maker can sure be an efficient way for you to have ice supply especially if you do not have freezer. Instead of using ice trays or instead of spending time buying ice, it helps that you have your own machine.

When you have your own portable ice maker, you can easily make ice anytime you want. Since it is portable, you will not have a hard time carrying it anywhere and make ice. All you have to do is to plug the device to the socket and you are good to go.

Ways to Clean the Portable Ice Maker

Prior to cleaning your portable ice machine, it is crucial that you know the right way of cleaning your ice maker. Take the time to read the product manual and get into the specific details. Here are the steps to follow to clean your ice maker:

  1. First is to make sure that the machine is empty. Unplug it to avoid any risk. Remove any ice that is left inside the ice machine. Before you start the cleaning, the machine should be empty. There is electrical hazard if you clean the machine without unplugging it from the wall.
  2. Take the ice tray. Remove it out and just place it in another surface.
  3. Now that there is no ice tray, you can start wiping off the internal part of the ice maker. It is strongly suggested that you use a soft cloth. Wipe all of the parts and areas gently. In the event that your machine is very difficult to clean because of huge dirt buildup, you can use 2 tablespoons of vinegar. Apply this on the cloth and it makes it really easy and fast to clean the machine.
  4. Now you can clean the tray. Using the soft cloth, wipe the tray. In order to create clean ice, scrub it thoroughly to ensure that this maker is clean and you get rid of the dirt buildup.
  5. After cleaning the tray, you can rebuild the machine. You can just replace the tray and after that, you can simply plug the machine to the electric outlet.
  6. Next is to operate the ice maker for 2 cleaning cycles using just a small amount of vinegar. If ever there is no available vinegar, you may opt to use water/lemon juice.
  7. Have a normal cleaning cycle. Take all of the water from the machine and carry out a cleaning cycle. To make sure that there is no residue left, carrying out a cleaning cycle is important.
  8. After carrying the normal cleaning cycle, you should start cleaning the other parts. Use soft cloth to wipe off dirt. External parts still need to be clean. It is strongly recommended that you clean the exterior of your ice maker every week.

Important Things to Remember When Cleaning Ice Maker

When cleaning your portable ice maker, there are important things that you need to keep mind. First is that you should not use chemicals. They can damage your ice maker. Plus, using chemicals may also have health risks. In cleaning your ice maker, choose a cleaning solution that is safe for the equipment.

Another important reminder, it helps that you avoid using unsterilized equipment. For instance, do not ever use a dirty sponge. It may contain germs and bacteria that can be carried over to your ice maker. This can be really dangerous and your healthy may be at risks.

Apart from the cleaning solutions, it is important that you clean the air filters as well. Clean it on a regular basis since filters may have substances that can cause problems to your ice maker later on. To have efficient performance, clean the filters on a regular basis. In addition to the air filters, check out the drain pipes.Ice makers are not storage bins so you need to be careful.

Cleaning Solutions

Many prefer the use of vinegar. But there is a downside as it may take time to clean. For a much easier cleaning, many would suggest that you use lemon water or you can just lemon. The acidity level is just suitable for cleaning and sterilization.

If you are unsure and you do not want to damage your ice maker, the best choice is to go for a commercial ice maker cleaner. This is still the best choice so you no longer have to worry about cleaning your machine.