Giantex Portable Steam Sauna Spa | Review by Expert

Using the Giantex Portable Steam Sauna Spa has got so many direct benefits! The heat in direct contact of this portable saunas helps circulation of the bloodstream, helps to eliminate cholesterol from the arteries and reduces hypertension, giving the heart the care that modern life denies.

The applications of this individual sauna are many: people with muscle injuries, traumatisms, arthritis, migraine, low back pain. And without filling the body with drugs and chemical solutions that end up taking our toll.

A series of direct benefits on the body and a broad list of indirect improvements make it seem more than convenient to give a good sauna session at home from time to time. All natural solutions that we can easily adopt to improve our balance and our well-being are welcome.

All of those wonderful all-natural benefits can be gotten thanks to the use of the Giantex Portable Steam Sauna Spa.  This review will list all of the benefits and everything you need to know about home portable infrared sauna product.

Giantex Portable Steam Sauna Spa Features and Benefits

  • Negative ION tourmaline heater
  • 3 mica heating elements
  • FIR sauna over a conventional sauna and provide more benefits at lower temperatures
  • 3 heating levels for foot pad
  • Temperature Range : 60℉ -140℉
  • Timer can set up to 60 min maximum
  • Comes with a folding chair for you to relax
  • A foot massager can help you to sweat away toxin and fat
  • Space Saver affordable Portable Sauna
  • Light weight and easy to carry
  • Convenient sauna at home or anywhere
  • Lessen your pressure and tension and give you a nice sleep
  • Excellent treatment for relaxing your pore and tired muscles
  • Material >> Made of water-proof cotton cover and plastic trestle, Dimensions : 36.6×27.6″x31.5″
  • Voltage >> 110-120V, Power: 900W-1050W,Temperature Range: 60℉-140℉
  • Timer >>0-60 Minutes ,Capacity of Chair:220lbs
  • Product Weight >> 20lbs

Giantex Portable Steam Sauna Spa Benefits

To the benefit that the relaxation that implies taking a sauna session means, you must add others such as detoxification of the skin, cleansing of the respiratory tract, improvement in the flow of blood, the heart pumps harder and preparation for a good sleep, among others. Both in its heating and cooling phase.

Taking a sauna session requires tranquility and relaxation. It cannot be done in a hurry. This is already, in itself, very beneficial for problems of stress and chronic burden. An effect to which must be added the derivatives of the sauna itself and its two states or phases: heating and cooling. It can be really beneficial to get the Giantex Portable Steam Sauna Spa.

The benefits are: detoxification of the skin, cleansing of the respiratory tract, improvement in the flow of blood, the heart pumps harder and preparation for a good sleep, among others. The good sleep and relaxation that you obtain from this portable infrared sauna can lead to a whole host of other wonderful health benefits in the long run.

Giantex Portable Steam Sauna Spa Specifications

The portable saunas are presented as a folding structure, as if they were a small tent, inside which is placed a device for steam or infrared heat lamp, and a stool where the person sits. In addition, it is possible to get on the market a kind of portable sauna girdle that is placed like a belt at the waist in order to model the middle area of the body, as well as other products such as the “infrared heat dome”, which resembles an arc of half a point where the person lying down takes turns the parts of the body that wants them to receive the caloric light.

If your system is steam, the product will have an external applicator or vaporizer connected by a hose to the interior of the sauna. This applicator is a container where water is added, which even has the possibility of adding essential oils or eucalyptus leaves so that the moment is more pleasant or therapeutic. You can also make it your own by adding your own blend of essential oils or scents.

Before acquiring or using one of these portable infrared sauna, it is good to know not only the benefits that have long been divulged about the sauna as a method of beauty but also to know the cares to be taken into account so as not to exceed its use. For the rest, this infrared saunas can be moved without problems because they are light and take up very little space.

The portable saunas infrared lamps feature that gives off a kind of heat acting on the depth of the epidermis. The detractors of the sauna as a treatment for health talk that the sweat that is released from the body is nothing more than a loss of fluid without burning calories. On the other hand, the defenders of the system claim that it is the action of the organism that represents a physical activity and therefore an expenditure of energy. The main contribution of the sauna is the elimination of toxins through perspiration.


The conclusion of this Giantex Portable Steam Sauna Spa Review is that it is worth the money to purchase. This portable sauna is easy to use, features with a remote that lets you easily change the time and temperature. The timer can go up to 99 minutes, while the temperature has nine different settings that achieve a maximum of 113 degrees Fahrenheit.