Gear Basics for Surfing

Surfing is a sport that does not require the use of a lot of gear, but the gear that you do need is essential. What this means is that it is important that you choose the right gear when it comes to the sport of surfing. There are a number of factors that go into determining that the best surfing gear will be for you, including your level of ability, your location, and the climate in your location.

A surfboard, a wetsuit, and some other accessories are going to be necessary gear while surfing.


There are a wide variety of different surfboards for you to choose from.

Longboards, for example, are surfboards that are 9 feet or longer. These are the best types of surfboards for you to choose when you are learning how to surf. They are capable of floating well, and they are also capable of catching slow-moving waves.

Funboards are shaped much in the same way that longboards are shaped, with wide noses and tails, but they are shorter as they are between 7 feet and 9 feet in length. These are the best boards for longboarders that are trying to move onto something a little smaller or for full-sized adults just beginning to learn how to surf.

Fish boards are generally very short in length, but they are wide, which makes them ideal for the progression forward from fun boards. They work especially well in smaller and weaker surfs, and they offer a greater amount of maneuverability than fun boards and longboards.

Shortboards tend to be best for the more advanced surfers, and they also offer the best level of performance. They also tend to be the hardest surfboards to paddle on and are not a good surfboard for you to learn on.

The two main construction types that you can choose from for surfboards are epoxy surfboards and traditional surfboards. Epoxy is quickly becoming popular because it offers a higher level of strength and a longer length, but many of these boards lack the performance and the drive of standard traditional construction.

The fin setup is another consideration that needs to be made when it comes to your surfboard. The most popular design may be the tri-fin, but there are also twin fin and quad fin sets ups which are chosen for fish boards and single fin setups that come with longboards.


For colder climates and areas, you are going to need a wet suit. There are two types of wet suits to choose from, a full suit and a spring suit. If the water is sixty degrees Fahrenheit or less, opt for a full suit. You also need a leash for your surfboard and surfboard wax in order to complete your surfing gear kit.

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