Envy Me by Gucci Perfume Review

The Envy Me perfume comes seven years after the launch of the original Envy fragrance. Gucci decided to introduce Envy Me perfume as a fragrance intended for the most audacious women. The composition of the Envy Me perfume is fruity and floral, but it is complemented by a nice mix of musky and fresh accords as well.

The Envy Me perfume offers what is a dazzling blend of sensual jasmine, peony and pink pepper, which meld beautifully with notes of sweet lychee, effervescent pineapple and pomegranate, soothing accords of white tea, soothing musk and warm woods as well.

Although the Envy Me perfume is not meant to be a replacement for the timeless classic Envy, the Envy Me perfume is certainly work having on your bedside table for just the right occasion.

Notable Notes – The most notable notes in the Envy Me perfume include Sensual Musk, Teak Wood, Sandalwood, White Tea, Seringa, Pink Musk, Pink Pepper, Pineapple, Pomegranate, Lychee, Jasmine and Peony.

  • Recommended Use
    The Envy Me perfume is recommended as everyday wear that you can take with you anywhere.

The Envy Me perfume by Gucci is a great fragrance because it is both light and fresh, and it is definitely a step in the right direction in comparison to the original Envy perfume. This is a truly wonderful scent when it comes to the summer months because these months are for light, airy and imaginative fragrances and scents, and this is exactly what the Envy Me perfume by Gucci has captured.

The Envy Me perfume by Gucci may be intended for the summer months, but it is one that I can see myself wearing all throughout the year, and I can see myself getting a myriad of compliments on it because it is a serious head turner.

There are mixed reviews floating around about how long the Envy Me perfume by Gucci is going to last, and I suppose that this has to do with your individual skin type. I can get the Envy Me perfume by Gucci to last for about a day, whereas some people experience quick fading and have to either reapply or layer the perfume with the lotion in order to get the best effect.

On the other end of the spectrum, there are also people who claim to experience some of the base notes several days later, which means that on some skin types, this one definitely likes to linger. The results you experience may vary, but either way, the Envy Me perfume by Gucci is an excellent purchase to make.

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