Editing: Learn all about the service that helps thousands of students write an ideal job

Every day millions of texts are written and published all over the world: in newspapers, on Internet websites, as speeches or chores. If you believe that only one person works on each of these texts, we must disappoint you. Each text is worked through by at least 2 people! The process itself is quite simple: first, an author writes a text, then he gives “his work” for review and this is already checked by another professional and corrected if necessary.

Why does it make sense to use proofreading?

Before you publish your text, you should submit this for editing. There are three reasons for this. The first reason is that, at first glance, an ideal text may have misspellings. “Why can I overlook these,” you ask yourself, “I’ve written the text myself !?” The answer is obvious: mistakes in the self-written text are very easy to ignore! Spelling mistakes of others we notice almost always, but own as well as never. Such an interesting phenomenon is explained by the fact that people have a selective perception. That is, you know exactly what you want to express in terms of content and therefore you always read what you have written, from the point of view of the thought behind it. It really happens from us, that one corrects ten times and still overlooks a careless mistake. That’s just human nature. The second reason that speaks for scientific editing concerns the time spent. A person who is constantly engaged in text editing is very well acquainted with it. Consequently, the process of text formatting takes much less time with such a professional than with a student who only writes the texts once or twice per semester / year. And the last reason concerns the possibility of receiving feedback from another person who is also familiar with the topic, and who can give a few tips on how to improve the content of the text.

Editing for bachelor thesis or doctoral thesis: our editors do everything!

Authors are responsible for our bachelor thesis, master thesis, doctoral thesis and other types of work. Even the service consists of three services namely proofreading, formatting and content adaptation of the written material. It is important to note that the content of the work may not be changed during editing. It’s all about improving the writing style and adhering to the correct language. Of course, as a customer, you can order all of the services listed above separately (for this you should simply select “Proofreading”, “Formatting” or “Coaching” when completing the order form). However, with proofreading you get the whole package for a lower price and can be completely sure that the professor will not find any stumbling blocks in your work. Since our agency employs authors from various countries, we offer our clients a way to order proofreading in English, Polish or French. An important advantage of our agency is that all texts on which our authors work are automatically checked for plagiarism by means of special software. If such is found, the work will be forwarded to the author for revision. The further advantage of our service is that we offer online copy-editing. This means that the customer does not necessarily have to pick a lecturer from his city, then go to the office and get to know his advisor in person, but can place his order online. This is first worked on by our support team and then assigned to a professional who may be located in a different location in a different city, but still knows the subject well. So, are you looking for proofreading in Berlin or editing in Kiel? Then just contact us and we will organize the process so that you forget all your university worries.

Proofreading: Prices

Unlike other services our agency offers, the price of reviewing is dependent on two factors: page number and urgency. This means that the more pages our editor has to proofread and the sooner the customer needs the optimized text, the more he has to pay. Standard price for one page of text (250 words per page) with the urgency of 10 days is about 8 euros.

Lector wanted and found: on our website! You will certainly be satisfied with our service! So choose an editor and enjoy the result now!

Some info before you leave this page

There is no study or academic training to become an editor right away. If you want to work as a lecturer, you have to be very knowledgeable in humanities, of special importance are German, linguistics, language typology and other linguistics. Expertise will also be of great advantage. When it comes to a publishing lecture, the potential lecturers can do voluntary work. This requires voluntary work by an organization or institution, which may take up to 24 months.