Eau de Sandalwood by Le Jardin Retrouvé Review

Continuing to sample Le Jardin Retrouvé’s wood and leather scents. Again, these were sent to cpf, who passed them to me. No line would be complete without some representation of sandalwood.

Eau de Sandalwood was the first Eau de Parfum created when Le Jardin Retrouvé was established in 1975.

What is sandalwood?

Sandalwood is an essential oil with a rich and warm note found in many perfumes, especially in oriental fragrances. You would expect it in oriental or eastern fragrances since the note is found in India.

This note is in many men’s and women’s fragrances, including Guerlain’s Shalimar. Just in the index of fragrances and their notes that I have on file, I have 438 fragrances out of 1189 that contain some sandalwood! And that isn’t a full listing of all perfumes by any stretch of the imagination.

Where is sandalwood found?

The origin of the essential oil of sandalwood is found in the region of MYSORE (now KARNATAKA) in India. This is the only region where this fragrant wood can be found.

Sandalwood, with its rich, warm, and sensual notes, an ingredient used in numerous perfumes, will certainly seduce your senses.

What is it like?

Eau de Sandalwood is considered a men’s fragrance by Le Jardin Retrouvé. It is not sweet like some sandalwood is. It doesn’t resemble Shalimar. There’s no vanilla. The longer it is on my skin, the better I like it. But this is not one that I would wear as a woman. I would like it on a man.

While Divina sees it as powdery, I don’t get any powder in it. It is almost as if it is burning in a pipe for me.

Who can wear Eau de Sandalwood by Le Jardin Retrouvé?

Eau de Sandalwood is envisioned as a men’s fragrance, and I would prefer it on a man. While I could wear it, and I’m wearing it as I write this, it is not one that I would reach for very often. I prefer Le Jardin Retrouvé’s Eau de Vetyver.

Could you layer this?

It is possible you could layer Eau de Sandalwood into other fragrances to add sandalwood, especially if you were trying to cut a fragrance that is too sweet.

What do I like about it?

I like the dry down of it especially. It has an intriguing realness to it, as opposed to the notes that are artificial in most fragrances. It smells like the scent of India.

My take:

I give this fragrance a 2 out of 4 simply because I would not wear it. I’d like to smell it on a man; then I might give it a 3.

I admit there are women who would love this fragrance and would wear it well. If you like Paloma Picasso or Estee Lauder’s Knowing, you might like this. Eau de Sandalwood is not near as intense as either of these, but it is reminiscent of them, at least to me.

I could envision spritzing it around a room. The more I put on my skin, the more I feel I could wear it as the spice comes out. So there you have it!

What do you think?

Do you like and wear sandalwood? Have you tried any of his fragrances? (If not: Ask Le Jardin Retrouvé for Free Samples – All around the world.) If you have, do you have a favorite? Learn more about Le Jardin Retrouve house and Yuri Gutsatz.

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