Easy Ways to Update an Old Chest of Drawers

An old chest of drawers that went out of style decades ago can be transformed into a stylish new furnishing that can be used in the bedroom or in a creative new way in another area of the home. It is easy to update and upcycle even the ugliest old furnishing with just a few simple changes. As long as the frame is still sturdy, you can perform miracles with primer, paint, new knobs, basketry, and more.

Try these easy ways to update an old chest of drawers, and breathe new life into something that might otherwise end up at the curb.

Sand, Prime, and Paint the Sides, Top, and Frame

When looking for easy ways to update an old chest of drawers, consider using paint instead of going through the process of stripping, sanding, and staining the wood. Opt for paint instead. Sand, prime, and paint the sides, top, frame, and bottom drawer. Set the other drawers aside. They can be repurposed and reused in other creative ways.

Choose a hue that coordinates with and compliments the main accent color in the room, or select classic white or black. Be sure to paint the interior framework that once held the top drawers. It will be partially visible when the update is complete.

Save the Bottom Drawer for Hidden Storage and Repurpose the Rest

To avoid creating a top-heavy furnishing, save the bottom drawer for storage instead of just one of the others. Update the knobs with new hardware. Slide the bottom drawer back in place after the paint fully dries. Use the enclosed storage space to hold folded jeans, sweatshirts, or other items that are somewhat heavy.

Outfit the Top Openings with Woven Baskets

Instead of using upper drawers in the chest, update the furnishing with woven baskets. They should take up most of the open space. Choose them accordingly. Outfit the fronts of the baskets with the same knobs that were used on the bottom drawer to tie them all together.

They will look phenomenal, and they can be used to hold everything from undergarments to t-shirts and other lightweight items.

Embellish the Sides with High-Quality Appliques

Hand-painted furnishings are still as popular as ever, but paint, extensive amounts of time, and artistic talent are not required when trying to beautifully update an old chest of drawers. Look for high-quality peel and stick appliques.

The very best options will create an illusion of painted art instead of something that can be peeled and applied. Use scrollwork designs, paisley designs, or beautiful blooms to decorate and update the sides. When the chest of drawers is complete, it will not even closely resemble the original furnishing.

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