Choosing the Right Ice Block Maker for Your Business

Nowadays, an ice block maker machine cannot be abandoned for the culinary world. Because this machine is able to print the needs of ice cubes in large quantities and a short time compared to if printed in a refrigerator or refrigerator. Understandably because ice cubes are really needed in the world of soft drinks, to ensure that the ice blocks or cubes you will use are hygiene ones, there is no doubt to make a purchase of an ice block maker, right?

This machine has a function that is almost the same as a chiller machine or a cooling machine. This ice cube machine has a functional difference that is able to keep ice molds in the form of ice crystals formed by water.

In addition, the machine can keep ice crystal molds able to survive perfectly for a long time. The machine can guarantee the stock of your ice cubes in normal temperatures and without ice flowers and can be directly served to consumers.

Having a crystal clear ice machine is a pretty good opportunity to sell ice cubes. Especially now that the food and beverage franchise business is growing, increasing the demand for ice cubes. If you are not interested in opening a beverage business, you can only try it by opening an ice crystal business.

You can start targeting small businesses around you, such as home-based businesses or cafes that just opened a business that usually doesn’t have the capital to buy an ice cube machine.

Actually, the workings of this machine are similar to the freezer in the refrigerator, which can change water using the silent water method that is placed on the ice. Then this ice cube machine will use the flowing water method, which is flowed through stainless pipes to form ice cubes.

Using the water method through stainless pipes will form ice cubes that are then attached to the wall of the pipe so that it forms an ice tube in the hole that will form ice that will be produced in a few minutes of water. By flowing water into a special channel of the engine, then turn on the engine and adjust the ice thickness as desired.

When you want to make a purchase, you can choose a very user-friendly machine. The specifications of this machine are also quite low and do not need large electricity, so it has the advantage of being a small business restaurant.

In addition, you can also determine the desired capacity, for example, the capacity of the smallest ice cube machine can make ice cubes up to 20 kg per day, but if you use the refrigerator, the maximum is only 7 kg. This machine really helps your cold drink business. Moreover, the electricity is more efficient than if you use a refrigerator. This machine is also fully automatic, so you can do the same thing while printing ice cubes.

Of course, you should choose the best ice block maker machine to produce hygienic ice cubes compared to using conventional ice cubes because you have to go through the process of breaking ice cubes.