6 Best Portable Infrared Sauna | 2022 Reviews

Many studies were conducted, and it is found that infrared technology has many health benefits and it is an effective source to treat some common health ailments. Based on this fact, manufacturers have come forth with home infrared sauna. Portable Infrared Sauna can help people detoxify their body and remove the substances from the body that are potentially harmful easily from their own home.

Home Sauna

There are some home infrared sauna models available which can also relieve pain from the body that is linked with arthritis and also suitable for a variety of health ailments. The home sauna cost is very minimal and affordable, and they are easy to set up. But, you need to be careful enough while making the selection. Take a look at this brief buying guide for Best Portable Infrared Sauna for your home including reviews and honest opinions of some top models.

How Portable Infrared Sauna Work?

Infrared sauna uses the wavelength of the light spectrum of sunlight that heats the body. The infrared wavelength has the ability to penetrate the body deeply and raise its core temperature. As one sits in the sauna, mild hyperthermia is created, causing blood vessels to dilate, thus assisting blood circulation.

Portable Infrared Sauna Buying Guide – Things to consider

Capacity and Size

When it comes to purchasing the best home sauna, it is necessary to consider the capacity and size of the saunas. There are portable infrared saunas available which are designed to accommodate only 2-3 people at a time. If you need to accommodate more people ensure to look for the bigger models.

The Heating Materials

The heater used in the portable infrared sauna is the most important factor to consider. The heating material needs to be of the best quality to ensure proper and even heating while you are inside it. Most of the home sauna comes with a ceramic heater which is affordable compared to the carbon heater, and it provides uneven heat distribution. So, the best-suited heating material is the carbon heater, and the Best Portable Infrared Sauna comes with carbon heater only.

Build Material of Portable Sauna

The insulation of the sauna is another important consideration which you need to keep in mind while buying best portable infrared sauna. Insulation process plays an important role in retaining the heat inside the unit, and this saves both your costs and power. Most of the home sauna models are designed with cedar wood which helps to retain the heat inside the unit better and this result in less energy consumption and efficient sauna sessions.

The Size of Heated Surface

It is always a smart choice to choose a portable home sauna that are having wider heating surfaces as they are the best conductors of heat as compared to the sauna with smaller heating surface areas. The perfectly measured home saunas are capable of heating up the area with ease and also cool down faster. This is only possible with well-measured sauna models.

Check For the Toxins

There are times when the portable infrared sauna get extremely heated while you are on sauna sessions and it can melt down the things like the glue used for insulation. This process may release toxins into the atmosphere inside the sauna. It is necessary to check for the sauna that is well built and make use of high-quality materials which can negate the issues caused when harmful toxins are released.

The Heater Covers

These are the covers which are an essential thing and considered as a safety measure. These are the covers which would protect the skin from the heat sources. You need to ensure that the sauna uses superior grade heat covers which can ensure that no accidents are caused when you come in direct contact with the covers.

The Safety Features

Lastly, you need to ensure that you buy portable sauna for home from some reputed manufacturers. You need to ensure that the manufacturer is reputed and follows the safety guidelines and industries standards to manufacture the Best Portable Infrared Sauna. The company must be CE and ISO Certified which indicates that the manufacturer is designing the sauna in adherence to the strict guidelines.

Reviews of Best Portable Infrared Sauna

Now that you have learned more about what things to consider before buying portable infrared saunas, take a look at this list of the top 6 best portable infrared sauna available in the market today.

KUPPET Portable Infrared Home Spa

  • Comes with built-in heated footpad
  • Quick heating technology
  • Available with the foldable chair and varied colors
  • No details about its warranty
  • The chair is quite small

The portable infrared sauna designed by Kuppet is perfect and ideal for all homes. The unit is about 36.6 inches in height and 31.5 inches deep and 37.6 inches wide, and the sauna weighs around 20 pounds approximately. This home sauna is designed with polyester cloth, and the filling has been done using the superior grade cotton which provides ultimate insulation.

This is the fabric which is designed with weather resistant insulation, and this enhances the heating and retains the heat inside the unit. The overall framing has been done using PVC material, and it is solid in nature.

This portable infrared sauna uses a power supply of 1050W, and it consumes enough energy to heat up the unit at a rapid pace. The unit hardly takes 5 minutes to heat and reach the desired temperature. The unit allows you to set the heating point of the unit up to 140 degrees.

It comes with the remote controller which users can make use of to control the functioning and the temperature of the unit. This infrared sauna is highly versatile and comes with multi-functioning features. The controller allows you to select the desired temperature you want to reach and the timer for the sauna sessions. With the controller, you can deactivate the temperature or heating or activate it back right from the unit.

In order to enjoy the exceptional sauna sessions with this home infrared sauna, you can extend the hands and head and relaxes your entire body.

Radiant Saunas BSA6315 Harmony Deluxe Oversized Portable Cabin

  • Comes with dual lined collar
  • Very low in EMFs and easy to set up
  • Superior grade material is used for exterior and interior
  • Consumes longer time to heat up the unit

Radiant Sauna BSA6315 is the energy efficient and most comfortable portable sauna for homes. The manufacturer of this portable infrared sauna has integrated 3 carbon infrared heaters into the heater panels to ensure that every time you use it, you experience the best sauna sessions. The heater is designed to achieve the highest temperature of 150 degrees. To retain the heat inside the unit, the manufacturer has integrated super quality cotton insulation which is perfect for delivering you ultimate sauna sessions.

The exterior of the home sauna is designed using the best quality polyester satin, and this gives the home sauna a better and comfortable look. The interior comprises of the reflective polyester which is highly durable and very resistant.

This portable infrared sauna is designed to offer you optimal sauna sessions at home with releasing any negative ions. It is the most reliable and trustworthy choice for people who are looking for effective sauna session at home and achieve multiple health benefits of infrared technology. Because of the compact size and design of the home sauna, it is the ideal choice for homes with tight spaces, and you can enjoy the same health benefits with the unit like you do in the indoor infrared saunas.

The sauna comes with a remote controller which allows you to control the heating system and the temperature of the unit. For convenient use of the sauna, you can extend the hands and head and enjoy powerful sauna sessions.

Durherm Portable Personal Folding Therapeutic SPA

  • Footpad heating system
  • Solid and robust construction
  • Comes with dual washable collars and compact for storage
  • The chair comes with the unit is uncomfortable

Durherm produces the best portable infrared sauna, and it promotes optimal sauna sessions at home. This is the foldable and compact model and very easy to set up and use. Because of the foldable feature of sauna, it can be stored easily in the tight places without facing any issue. The primary factor that makes this compact sauna popular choice is that it consumes very less electricity and the heating panel of the sauna also produces very less EMF.

The unit comes with built-in 3 heating system which are situated on the left and right side of the sauna and also one unit of heating is installed on the back side.

The sauna can be operated with a minimum temperature of 113 , and the height temperature to achieve is 150 degree. The sauna is designed with negative ion technology which means the panel releases negative ions so as to detoxify the body and enhance the circulation of blood.

This portable infrared sauna comes with tourmaline heating system which is a very light and thin panel and is very conductive in nature. It also promotes the fastest heating and reaches the highest temperature of 150 degrees in just 5 minutes. It also comprises of heated footpads which has the separate controller to control the temperature of the footpads.

This product is very simple and easy to use and setting it up is also very easy. It comes with a foldable chair that can be used inside the unit for complete sauna experience. Moreover, for comfortable experiences, it has hands and head extensions. This allows you to extend your hands for unzipping the unit.

Durherm Infrared Sauna Low EMF

  • Low EMF infrared sauna
  • Portable and compact size best for storage
  • Quick heating system and better insulation to retain the heat
  • Comes with zippers to make cleaning interior easier
  • The manual for usage is lacking
  • Problem with the foldable chair comes with the unit

Durherm Infrared Sauna is the ultimate portable sauna designed to deliver you enjoyment and relaxation while you are into the unit. This is the foldable home sauna which can be folded easily for storage, and it comes with a comfortable canvas folding chair that you can use inside the unit for comprehensive sauna session.

The best part of this home sauna is that it uses very less energy and emits very minimal EMF. Moreover, the unit comprises of dual soft terry cloths neck collars which can you zip on or off as per your need and this makes it easier for cleaning the interior of the sauna.

The unit also comprises of storage pocket for remote control. This portable infrared sauna comes with the capacity to generate ultimate heating, and it consumes very less energy as compared to the other portable saunas. Because of its less heating timing, it is considered to be an energy efficient model.

The home sauna uses three heaters inside the unit, and the unit is perfectly insulated with superior grade cotton. It also includes the footpad heating with a separate remote controller.

This portable infrared sauna comes with energy efficient heating panels that ensure that the machine heats quickly and reaches the highest temperature of 150 degrees in a matter of 5 minutes. The heating panel of the unit is made out of tourmaline, and this is the semi-precious material which can efficiently emit the infrared waves into the air and also the negative ions for ultimate detoxification of the body.

Durasage Lightweight Portable Personal Steam Sauna Spa

  • Features pockets for holding the controller
  • Prompts you to know that the sauna session is ended
  • The compact and small design comes with footpad heater
  • Sometimes you have experience plastic smell from the unit
  • The chair is too small

Durasage is the best suited 1 person infrared sauna that is designed to work efficiently, and it comes with some advanced features to promote better relaxation during sauna sessions. This compact sized personal sauna comes with a foldable chair in the package along with the footpad heater and also the foam floor cushioning for added comfort.

The unit comprises the best in the class fabric which is polyester, and it provides the best insulation effect to retain the heat. It uses the superior grade cotton in between the exterior and interior fabric which retains the heat ideally and saves your energy and cost for heating the unit.

The unit also comprises of the remote controller which can be used to select your desired heating temperature for the unit, and it can quickly reach the highest temperature of 150, and with a controller you can reduce the temperature to a minimum of 113 degrees. The single session length may range from 5 minutes to 30 minutes depending upon your need. The added advantage is that the footpad heating of the unit can be controlled separately using the controller.

This portable infrared sauna is designed to use three different heating systems located at the right, back and left the side of the unit. The heaters make use of active carbon fiber for heating the elements, and this is the superconductive element and quickly heats up within 5 minutes.

Moreover, the unit comes with antibacterial technology, and this helps the users to maintain a clean environment for safe sauna sessions. Because of the safety reasons, the unit is designed to shut off after reaching the desired temperature automatically.

Giantex Portable Far Infrared Spa Sauna

  • Footpad heating system with 9heating settings
  • Extensions for hands and head
  • Comes with a timer to set the length of sauna sessions
  • Easy to use
  • It may release a strong smell initially
  • Auto shut-off is lacking

This is one of the popular choices in the 1 person infrared sauna that has grabbed the attention of most of the people. This is the personal sauna unit that is made out of water-resistant cotton cover and comprises of plastic trestle in the exterior.

This portable infrared sauna model is designed with three different mica heating elements, and this is the latest in technology which can heat the unit quickly. Based on the desired temperature you want to achieve, it uses the energy that ranges from 900 watts to 1500 watt.

This personal sauna can detoxify your body and also offer you multiple benefits that infrared technology has to offer. This sauna can deliver you temperature ranging from 60 degrees to 140 , and this can be controlled using the remote controller that comes with the package.

This personal heater comprises of the negative ion heater which is based on tourmaline panels, and this is the most energy efficient panel that quickly heats up. Like all other portable personal saunas, this model comes with a separate footpad heater and features the 3 different heating levels.

The unit comprises of a portable chair which you can use, and it is foldable so that you can store it safely when not in use. This portable infrared sauna comprises a timer which you can use to set time for enjoying the sauna sessions. It doesn’t shut off automatically when the length of the sauna session is over. It comes with dual zippers which can allow you to extend your hands and has a comfortable neck collar too.

Final Verdict

Choosing the best portable infrared sauna is something that takes a lot of care and time. Be sure to make a list of the features that you want the most before deciding to buy one. So go ahead and buy your own home sauna and start enjoying that relaxing and detoxifying infrared sauna therapies at your home in complete private.

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