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95% of all students claim that they have addressed external help at least once during their studies. Friends, family or professors – students need care, preferably a professional. This applies both to those who study at the universities and those who attend technical colleges or colleges. Every scientific institution has a large number of specialists who are responsible for providing students with the advice they seek: from faculty to student assistants, where even the students in the last semester come to help their colleagues. Why do so many students turn to different writing offices and ghostwriting agencies and what is actually coaching? We try to answer these questions further.

Reasons to use coaching during your studies

There are basically two reasons why students are so often “coached” by outside professionals. The first reason is that most lecturers and other university supervisors do not have enough time and resources to offer each student the whole “rescue package” from the beginning to the end of the writing process. Nothing to admire: it often happens that only one professor simultaneously advises several students. For this he still has to do his daily tasks. Consequently, every single student does not get as much “help” as he first expected.

Coaching is also often in demand at distance learning. This is explained by the fact that distance students usually do not know their professors personally. It is very difficult for such students to make contacts with their lecturers and to have them consulted with them later on. When writing an academic thesis, these students need someone to guide them throughout the writing process. That’s why they use so many services from outside writing services and agencies so often. Because such students know: they have spent their own money and have a complete right to claim as much help as they need.

Coaching bachelor thesis or doctoral thesis: our ghostwriters do it all!

“What does coaching require? What can coaching cost? “These and many more questions are being asked by many customers who are interested in ghostwriting services and would also like to order them. The first thing that must be emphasized is that during coaching each customer is individually cared for and gets as much “attention” from his coach as desired. Customers often confuse coaching and copy-editing. But these are two different options, although of course they have something in common. Proofreading implements proofreading, formatting and content adaptation of a previously written text. In coaching, the situation is such that a coach can support the student before the start of the writing phase. Such support may, for example, require help with finding a topic, outline preparation or literature research. A coach can give precise advice on how to formulate a research question, which citation method should be used in concrete textual form (direct or indirect) and how to cite correctly. Such a professional can advise his customer not only on technical issues, but also in terms of content. If the client needs some feedback about the writing, the coach will be happy to give it. It is important to understand: both in the case of copy-editing, as well as in coaching a coach or a lecturer does not write the work. It is written independently by the customer.

How is coaching realized on our website?

Coaching is one of the most popular services of our customers. This can perhaps be explained by the fact that there are actually many students who would like to write their own work, but need scientific support. We reveal a little secret: Coaching is particularly popular for master’s thesis. What does communication with a coach look like? No matter whether you want to order coaching in Berlin or in Cologne, our agency will help you regardless of the location in which you are. We offer two options to realize coaching: Telephone coaching, in which we organize a telephone call with the coach for our customers. The customer remains anonymous for his supervisor. The same applies to the coach. In the second option, the customer can communicate with his personal advisor in chat, which can be found in the customer profile.

Coaching can really save a lot of strength as well as nerves of the student. Therefore, we recommend that you do not hesitate and enjoy all the benefits of this great service.