6 Reasons You Need a Portable Ice Maker in Your Life

There are few things as refreshing as a cold glass of your favorite drink on a hot day. This secret to true refreshment is often realized with the help of wonderfully cool cubes of fresh ice. A portable ice maker is one of the most cost effective and convenient ways to have ice on hand.

If your refrigerator does not have a built in ice maker or your ice maker has stopped working it can be a real pain to have ice when you need it. Getting ice can mean atrip to the local store just to get heavy, cumbersome bags that melt on the way home and take up tons of space in your freezer.

Ice can be so much more than just a refreshing addition to your drink! A portable ice maker and the ice it provides can also be helpful for treating injuries like bruises, bumps, burns and strains to reduce swelling and inflammation.

Here are a few more creative uses for ice from a portable ice maker:

  1. Use ice in your evaporative cooler’s water tank for even more effective cooling
  2. Clean your garbage disposal by running a few cubes through to break up clogs
  3. Wrap a few cubes in a cloth and rub them over stubborn wrinkles before ironing
  4. Use ice cubes to water hard to reach plants without the hassle
  5. Use ice to stiffen gum and make it easier to remove from clothing or hair
  6. Ice can numb your skin before painful events like waxing or removing a splinter

A portable ice maker is a sure bet solution that will make great, refreshing ice anytime you need it! A portable ice maker can come in many different sizes and applications. A small, convenient portable ice maker is easy to take with you for ice any time. A large portable ice maker is capable of making more than 35 pounds of ice in a day for nearly unlimited refreshment.

Small Portable Ice Makers

A small portable ice maker is great for things like camping, picnics, or tailgate parties where it can be plugged into an inverter in your car or truck and make convenient ice wherever you need it. Imagine having ice on hand for any summertime trip; no more warm drinks and disappointed friends, just cool refreshment all day long!

A typical portable ice maker only use about 400 watts,easily within the capabilities of an average car inverter that can be purchased for as little as $40.

A portable ice maker can also be a great accessory in any boat! Imagine having as much ice as you need on your next fishing trip! All you need is an 110V electrical hookup or a simple inverter similar to those used in cars. Forget the hassle of lugging bags of ice on board to keep your catch fresh, if more ice is needed just go to your portable ice maker.

Whether it’s a day on your favorite lake or a weekend out deep sea fishing, you’ll always have ice on hand to keep you, and the fish you catch, fresh.

RVing can be a great way to see wonderful places while keeping the comforts of home close at hand. Many have built in refrigerators and freezers but ice can still be a scarce commodity if your RV doesn’t have one or it’s stopped working.

A small portable ice maker can easily be stored in a spare cabinet and brought out when ice is needed. Make refreshment convenient by taking a portable ice maker with you while you explore the country.

Large Portable Ice Makers

A larger portable ice maker makes a great addition to any kitchen, patio, or bar. A high capacity portable ice maker is great when entertaining or even during your day to day activities.

With ice on hand you’ll never have to serve guests a warm drink again. And, with a portable ice maker you can impress guests with crystal clear ice cubes just like you’d expect at your favorite restaurant or bar!

Make your next pool party, BBQ, or handout a real success with perfectly fresh ice for everyone’s favorite drink. Serve iced tea and lemonade as cold as anyone could want!

No room in the fridge for soda? No problem! Simply serve soda straight out of the can with a little ice!

Take a step out of planning for your next gathering, with a portable ice maker you can forget about having to run to the store for ice.

A portable ice maker can make as much as 35 pounds of ice in a day and can have ice ready to serve in as little as 12 minutes! No inconvenient waiting for refreshment, ice is always ready. A portable ice maker is easy to use too; all they require is a standard electrical outlet and fresh water. Use your favorite bottled water so your ice tastes just right or simply fill the unit up with convenient tap water for hassle free ice making.

Limitless Refreshment

Making ice with your portable ice maker is incredibly simple. Most units are refilled by pouring water into a compartment underneath the ice bucket. A simple lift of the lid and you can pour in water to keep your portable ice maker churning out ice for hours. Unused ice is conveniently recycled back into this reservoir and will be turned back into perfect fresh ice in no time at all!

Some portable ice makers even feature a convenient dispenser like the one found on a built in freezer. This makes it easy to fill cups and even bags with as much ice as you need. Other portable ice makers can be hooked up to a water line for truly effortless ice making, just open the lid for never ending ice whenever you need it.

With so many great refreshments just a trip to the portable ice maker away, it will soon become your new favorite appliance. Make every drink just the way you like without the hassle of dealing with a trip to the store or the expense of buying a new freezer just because yours doesn’t make ice anymore.

A portable ice maker can transform a hot summer day from a sweltering excuse to stay inside into a beautiful sunny day ready to be enjoyed with family and friends!

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