5 Reasons to Not Use Linux Operating System

Linux is often seen as the third choice in terms of which operating systems you can use, but many people argue that it’s the most powerful of the three. Linux, however, suffers from many issues that aren’t actually related to bugs in the coding but assumptions of its users. This article will explain 5 reasons that you should not use Linux when building your next computer.

#1. It’s difficult to use

One reason that Linux has not caught on as the operating system is that it’s perceived as being difficult to use. This is true to a certain degree, as the installation and general ways to use the system are much more complicated than that of a Windows and OSX system. If you’re willing to learn, however, Linux is a very powerful operating system and may be perfect for you.

#2. You Like Your Current Operating System

Linux offers many things that the other two operating systems don’t, but one thing that it can’t change is how much you’ve grown to like your current operating system. If you don’t want to go through the pain of reinstalling programs and copying files, that’s a good enough reason not to make the jump to Linux.

#3. Support

One reason that average users should steer clear of Linux is the lack of support that they may become faced with. If you’re someone who relies on getting your technical support from Best buy, you may as well just go to the store and buy a Windows computer instead because Linux isn’t the OS for you.

#4. Compatibility

Many programs are starting to offer Linux support, and many open source developers are filling the void left by not having some of the world’s most popular applications. Even with these signs of hope, however, it doesn’t mean that you will be able to go to the store and buy a Windows-based video game and be able to run it. It’s problems like these that will haunt beginners.

#5. Your Work Uses Windows

If you’re buying a new computer for the workplace, it’s probably a good idea to stick with your Windows machine. If you’re required to run any program that is not natively supported under Linux, it could become a pain to find an open-source alternative or perhaps even impossible.

Linux isn’t a bad operating system by any means, and if you’re someone who likes software development, it may be the perfect platform for you. If you are someone who simply wants a computer that works and will run common applications while having support readily available, then Linux is not for you.

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