5 Reasons Everyone Should Use Grammarly

Grammar and spelling are more crucial than ever in a society where everyone communicates digitally. Because first impressions count a lot, it might be difficult for those who have trouble with spelling and language to write emails.

Even professionals acknowledge that they feel they could write better to interact with their coworkers and provide a better first impression on clients. Small errors made by students can have a big impact on their final scores and key term papers.

Grammarly, a fantastic tool for enhancing spelling, grammar, and overall writing confidence, is thankfully available. Beyond just checking your spelling, it’s like having a second set of eyes proofread everything you write as you write it.

Here are five reasons why you should start using Grammarly to write:

Master grammar

Most people think that the spell-checker in Microsoft Word or similar programs catches every mistake, but there are plenty that gets through. Grammarly finds even the smallest mistakes in an email, cover letter, or resume, even ones that Microsoft Word doesn’t catch. It also finds things like word redundancy, which is when words like “really” don’t add much to what you’re writing.

The Premium version will even tell you when you’ve used the same word too many times and suggest more interesting words to use instead. This will make your writing more interesting to whoever is reading it.

Find the right voice

Grammarly knows that tone is the most important part of writing to persuade. Grammarly’s tone detector can figure out the tone of your message before you send it by looking at your word choice, sentence structure, punctuation, and even capitalization.

Talk to each other better

With Grammarly, you can set goals to get suggestions for how to write that fit your goal and audience. Audience (general, knowledgeable, or expert) and formality are two of these goals that can be changed (informal, neutral, or formal). You can also choose a domain with the premium version (academic, business, general, email, casual, or creative).

For example, it’s helpful to use industry-specific language when writing to experts, but not so much when emailing someone with general knowledge about the subject, and vice versa. Also, it’s important to use a formal tone when writing to a client, but it’s fine to use a casual tone when messaging a close colleague.

Talk with self-assurance

Grammarly users often say that it gives them more confidence in their writing and speaking. When you don’t feel like you have to reread emails or assignments over and over again before sending them, you can feel better and work better.

Even if you don’t speak English as your first language, it’s a great tool. Not only does it help with writing in English, but it also helps people understand the language better in general.

It’s very simple to use

You can use Grammarly in a few easy ways: If you download Grammarly’s desktop app, you can use Gmail, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and most other sites on the web to get Grammarly’s writing suggestions right away. Once you install it on your device, it will help you with writing as you switch between apps, platforms, documents, and emails.

When it’s working, the Grammarly widget will appear in the text field you’re using. Basic writing corrections will show up inline, and if you click the Grammarly widget, you can open a pop-up editor with more features to get Premium suggestions.

You can also add the Grammarly Keyboard to your iPhone or Android device to write clearly and effectively in any app or on any website. Check out the Grammarly Editor if you need to write a longer piece (sign in to your account to access it).

No matter how you use Grammarly, you’ll always have a great time with it. If you want to feel better about your writing, you could use Grammarly and see your writing improve right away.

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