Ghostwriting: The most important thing in a nutshell.

You should write a 30-page bachelor thesis, but have no idea what to do with it? No panic! With us, this unsolvable task is absolutely feasible! We briefly talk about the service, which is used by more than 3.5 million students from all over the world each year.

What is Ghostwriting?

In fact, the term “ghostwriting” refers above all to the process of producing texts. When talking about our agency, it’s all about the production of scientific texts. However, our ghostwriters also create emotional speech, professional business plans, convincing applications as well as successful motivation letters and thus make a contribution to the modern business and professional world. Depending on the type of text and the amount of text, the writing style of the author and the time frame needed to complete a work differ. In any case, the work will not only be written according to generally accepted scientific standards, but also according to the client’s personal instructions, which he will indicate at the stage of completing the order form. Of course, all deadlines are met. Written works are checked for plagiarism and grammatical, stylistic and lexical errors by our quality department using special software. After completing the work, the client has either 14 or 30 days free revision time (the time depends on the page number of the work). If all customer instructions have not been followed or some chapters have been misspelled, he has a chance to contact the customer support team and ask for the text to be revised.

What else are ghostwriters looking for?

Ghostwriting requires additional services. These are topic finding, literature research and outline preparation. Our many years of experience have shown that there are thousands of students who would like to write their diploma thesis themselves, but they need scientific support, which unfortunately they do not always get from their Prof. Such students are welcome to use our ghostwriting service. We help our clients to properly formulate the research question of their work, to find corresponding scientific sources and to create the structure of their work. It is not easy to find a professional ghostwriter, but if it works, you will be satisfied with the result!

What does communication between customer and ghostwriter look like?

After completing the order form, the customer will receive an email with access data (login and password) for his personal customer profile in our system. The login name differs from the real name of the client, so its anonymity is fully secured. In the system, the customer has the opportunity to communicate with his personal advisor in chat. Depending on the customer’s request, there is also a possibility to organize telephone calls with the author, which usually takes from 15 to 30 minutes. Telephone costs extra, the customer pays 16 euros and may telephone three times with the author. The maximum duration of the call is 30 minutes.

Who are our ghostwriters?

Every customer is an individuality, but there is one characteristic that is characteristic of all customers: the desire for the best quality! With our ghostwriting agency you can be completely sure that your work gets into the right hands. So what is a ghostwriter with us? To be employed by our writing service, potential candidates must pass an exam by our quality department and send us a reading that proves their ability to produce the scientific texts. In addition, they must also meet these requirements:

  • Completed education
  • Academic degree
  • rich experience in academic writing
  • native speaker

Enthusiasm for science as well as striving for self-improvement

As I said, we work with more than 250 professionals, most of them are the Germans. Authors from Switzerland, France, Poland, Italy, Great Britain, Russia, the USA and Turkey are also active in our online writing service. Our ghostwriters create the works that conform to general scientific standards, they follow the rules of citation (APA, German citation, Harvard, Chicago are the most requested, others are also possible) and the formatting. Since we are an online writing service, it does not matter to us whether our ghostwriter lives in Berlin or Konstanz. We stay in constant contact with our customers!

Ghostwriter: Prices

The price of the order depends mainly on the page number, the subject area and the deadline. The earlier you order a job, the lower the price of your job. It is important to note that purely theoretical work requires less concentration and time than empirical research, where one usually carries out calculations or evaluations. Accordingly, theoretical work created by a ghostwriter will cost less.

Here is the list of disciplines our authors deal with:
  • Cultural Studies (anthropology, visual arts, ethnology, film studies, musicology, world literature)
  • Humanities (archeology, German studies, linguistics, history, intercultural communication, art history, media and communication science, philosophy, psychology, religious studies, theology)
  • Natural sciences (astronomy, biology, chemistry, geography, mathematics, microbiology, pharmacy, physics)
  • Applied Sciences (Architecture, Design and Technology, Education, Nursing, Agriculture, Medicine, Military Science, Education, Social Work, Ecology)
  • Economics (business administration, e-commerce, financial accounting, finance, management, logistics, macro and microeconomics, management, marketing, tourism, economics, economics)
  • Law (European Business Law, Law, Insurance Law)
  • Humanities and Social Sciences (Health Management, Human Resource Management, Journalism, Mass Media and Advertising, Consumer and Family Science, Human Resource Management, Political Science, Social Economics, Sociology, Sports Science)
  • Engineering (Automotive Production and Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Medical Engineering, Microtechnology / Mechatronics, Print and Media Technology, Systems Engineering)
  • Computer Science (Applied Computer Science, IT Science, Web Engineering)
  • Do not hesitate and let already write your bachelor, master or doctoral thesis! Our ghostwriters give the best experiences!
  • Would you like to become a ghostwriter? Contact our support team and get the information you need about the application process.
Ghostwriting legal or not?

The people who would use ghostwriting are interested in the question of whether this activity is legal or not. The opinions on this topic are very different in society. But it can be argued that ghostwriting is an integral part of today’s life, especially politics, business and science. Higher Regional Court Frankfurt has dealt with the issue in 2009 strongly and found that the agreement between ghostwriter and client can not be punished. This can be explained by the fact that the scientific work created by a ghostwriter may only serve as a template. That is, when a customer places his order, he automatically agrees that he can only use the work as a sample or needs further research.