Fun Was Had

Well Pnut's birthday was Saturday and we had a blast, Free Comic Book day was excellent. Great comics were had and talked with some great people as well. Can't wait to go back next year. After that later in the afternoon it was off to Chuck E Cheese, it was the Birthday Girls wish to eat pizza and play games. All in all I think she would agree that she had a pretty darn good birthday.

That was Saturday and of course Sunday was Mother's Day, and this year instead of buying flowers to sit in a vase we took mom out and bought her flowers to actually plant all around the house. Then the kids and I spent the day with her planting them. It was a real good time, we or course visited our mothers as well later in the afternoon. Then headed back home to grill out some burgers.

Monday was pretty much clean house and catch up on things around the house and take a nap.

2016/05/10 16:43 · lostson · 7 Comments

Free Comic Book Day

Free Comic Book Day is finally here! It is also my daughters birthday today, and her and all the rest of us are very excited to be participating in this event today. We have not gotten to go cause I normally work Saturdays but this year I managed to get the day off. Lot's of great comics are being offered this year and I can't wait to watch the kids at their first Free Comic Book Day event. I hope this becomes a yearly event for all of us.

If you are interested in checking it out today please go here for all the information you need and also a store locater to find a comic store that is participating in your area. Maybe we will see you there.

2016/05/07 11:44 · lostson · 10 Comments

Grand Re-Blogging

Well here I am again, trying to get back into blogging out the craziness that resides in my head. I am quite happy to be trying to get back at it though. It has been a long time since I have really been interested in putting my thoughts out, but I believe it is time. So you will see all kinds of interesting topics, I hope you will enjoy.

I will be adding new things as quickly as possible and hopefully getting new posts out there as well several times a week.

2016/02/23 13:02 · lostson · 1 Comment