Update to Hrun done today

Not sure how I always miss new dokuwiki releases, but I did again. So updated to Hrun today and everything seems to be up and wokring well. I almost lost my setup here on Debian Hosting but thanks to a benevolent benefactor whose initials are m.o.m. I will not have to lose my setup. And I am very grateful to say the least. Not only does this setup power this here dokuwiki but also my owncloud and ttrss instances as well. So a big thank you to m.o.m. for your kind donation to the cause.

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Update done today

Ok Updated to a new version dokuwiki today sorry for any downtime.

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Registration is Disabled

After doing some work on the site the other day, I noticed I had over 13,000 users that had registered. I was a might shocked to say the least. I thought I had turned registration off, but guess I missed it. So I had to remove over 13,000 registrations as they were all spam spreding morons anyway. So for now registration is off and will stay off. I am thinking about creating a email address that you could send your request to, to become a member of the Vault but have not decided on this for sure yet or not. If you feel I should open this up because you must absolutely register and be a member of the Vault then leave your comment here and I will think about opening it up.

I have no problems with people being a member at all but I will have final say on who gets approved and who does not.

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If you believe in privacy on the internet and are upset at the recent ongoings with the NSA then you really need to go this site


And get setup to participate in this.

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Some minor tweaks

Well made some tweaks to the theme today. Not a real big fan of the bright white shadows around everything. These changes make the site much easier to read and I think it smoothes out the transition down the page. Hopefully everyone likes it as much as me.

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More Snow

Well it started snowing late last night and is supposed to continue through the rest of today, 3 - 5 inches are possible. So now everyone can have their happy holidays because they have snow for christmas. All this means for me is I get to shovel snow.

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How Ironic

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Well said Scotty

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